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Glenkinchie 12 Year Old

Deceptively Delicate

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@RPSReview by @RPS

4th Jan 2012


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At first whiff, you get nothing but alcohol. But this whisky is deceptive, and patience is required if its secrets are to be accessed. With each nosing, it reveals more of its character. A harder, medicinal quality becomes apparent followed by a softer, floral fragrance. These two interplay perfectly, with the floral quality taking centre stage before not too long, accompanied by the faintest trace of tea.

The harshness that first befell the drinker has long since disappeared. Indeed, it is a wonderfully soft whisky and its palatable offerings are even more delicate than its smell. Memories of a warm summer’s evening intensify with each tasting. Honey becomes the support actor, and faint liquorice traces leave themselves upon the tongue. Caramel, a late entrant, closes the show.

The finish is light, almost airy; if anything a touch too delicate. But this whisky is to be commended. Impatient drinkers get what they deserve here. Patience is the order of the day: treat it with respect, and it’ll reveal all it has to offer.

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