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Glenlivet SMWS 2.83 - Intense explosion of taste

Intense Fruits And Spices

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17th Jul 2014


Glenlivet SMWS 2.83 - Intense explosion of taste
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The whisky from this cask was distilled on May 18 1993 and matured for 19 years in a refill hogshead, which yielded 228 bottles.

The colour is a deep orange gold. On the nose, very fruity (apples and pears, a Glenlivet signature), with toffee and a little vanilla. A wee bit of orange in the background with the crisp, dry malt. Some dusty hay as well - a little floral. But it changes in the glass, with musty old books coming forward, with a little more vanilla; those notes become even more prominent with water. Lovely.

On the palate, the apples are crisper, the spices more intense (as the name of the bottle implies). Also mocha and banana, with a slightly sour note (which is not unpleasant). Water ups the spice and even seems to add some peat! Pretty much perfect.

The finish is nicely mouth-drying, a little dusty and spicy, with some vanilla in the background. This is an extremely complex whisky, full of fruits, spices and classic toffee/vanilla bourbon notes. This bottling also showcases the beautiful features of a great Glenlivet, which I believe is very underrated amongst connoisseurs (tasting 20+ year old Glenlivet straight from the casks in the warehouses certainly confirmed that!) You won't likely find this bottle anywhere anymore, but if you do - enjoy!

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