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Glenlivet's average rating is 81/100 from 214 reviews and 790 ratings

Glenlivet reviews

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Glenlivet 12 Year Old

The Glenlivet aged 12 years Glenlivet 12 Year Old

Classic stuff as we taste one of the best-known, best-selling single malts in the world.Glenlivet 12 displays a clean, pale golden color and a rather low-intensity aroma (even after adding a drop of…

@huinemanBy @huineman5 days ago 1 071

Glenlivet Captain's Reserve

Yummy Glenlivet Captain's Reserve

I had good reason to be wary of another NAS "reserve" bottling from Glenlivet, after trying Founder's Reserve. But this one is partially finished in cognac casks, so curiosity got the better of me. Sweet…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt10 months ago 3 183

Glenlivet 37 Year Old 1974 Berry Bros & Rudd

Promise Glenlivet 37 Year Old 1974 Berry Bros & Rudd

Berry Bros & Rudd is operating from the same buildign in St James’s Street in the heart of London since the 17th Century and bottles whisky under their own label. One of their series is called Berrys’…

@markjedi1By @markjedi112 months ago 0 087

Glenlivet 19 Year Old 1996 The Ultimate Cask #69142

Caliber Glenlivet 19 Year Old 1996 The Ultimate Cask #69142

This Glenlivet is of a whole other caliber. While also from a first fill sherry cask, this was a butt that yielded almost 700 bottles at drinking strength and matured for almost two decades. Rather pale…

@markjedi1By @markjedi112 months ago 0 082

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