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Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?

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@GhostWorksReview by @GhostWorks

26th Oct 2009


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The neat nose of the Quinta Ruban is one of the most distinctive I've ever had the pleasure of sampling. Cream, vanilla and a subtle sherry-port right off the bat. I dropped a single ice cube in the glass and let it open up a little. Hints of chocolate and more sherry, with the vanilla opening up into something like a baked confection.

First sip, I'm in love. The ever so slightly creamy texture walks right on down my throat, hand in hand with that heady (but not candyish or overpowering) vanilla. Second sip is even more wonderful. There's a ride going on here that's hard to describe. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope, with six or seven different flavor notes and scents all slowly but consistently pinwheeling and morphing into new and luxurious combinations, variations on their theme.

I had three glasses over four hours and a four course dinner. I was having such a great time with it, I couldn't resist.

The best news - my local New England stores are well-stocked with the Quinta Ruban - under $50 USD.

A nine-point-five out of ten on my personal Single Malt Meterâ„¢ (I must leave room for something else...right?)

Try one whenever you get the chance!

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GhostWorks commented

I'm serious... get out there and try this one. ;)

9 years ago 0

jdcook commented

The current Glenmorangie range of non-age specific bottlings appears to have hit a good note with a lot of people. I've had the Astar myself - and it was genuinely awesome, even the 10-year old original is excellent. The Quinta Rubin, along with the Nectar D'or are definitely on my 'must try' list.

9 years ago 0

whiskyjak commented

This stuff is some of the best whisky I have yet tasted. On my short list!

9 years ago 0

LeFrog commented

Its a cracking dram.

9 years ago 0

Hawkdriver28 commented

It opens with a veluptous nose of of creamy pastry and deep orange, grape blossom ( from port cask). Mouth feel is medium with a light oily touchy that hangs for a while followed by a palate that opens vanilla, orange, some light oaky tannins, and a nice burn of port finishing. This one benefits from a few drops of water to open it up, just a few, albeit I like the "gentle burn" of a nice scotch...reminds you of the years it has seen aging and the tremendous skill involved in creating such a heavenly liquid libation! The "port" finishing adds a nice flavor to this, that is notably different than the typical " sherry" finishing that is so prevalent at the moment. I had a nice long finish that provides a warm embrace on a cold night. I had to put my Dalmore, Balvenie and Macallan 12 yrs to a head on with this one....jury still out. Actually the better comparison would be my all time favorite Glendronach 12 yr...more to follow

7 years ago 0

Hawkdriver28 commented

I almost forgot there is just the slightest hint of peat, that I just noticed after several previous saplings of this bottle, I was actually suprised not to pick up on it before now

7 years ago 0

Newkophile commented

The Quinta Ruban (as well I suppose as the Lasanta and Nectar D'or) is no longer NAS. 12 years is indicated at the bottom of the label, reflecting Glenmorangie's assertion that these whiskies are aged 10 years in bourbon casks and then aged the final two years in port pipes (the Quinta), sherry casks (Lasanta) or sauterne casks (the Nectar).

6 years ago 0

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