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Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

Is it a port? Is it a red wine? No, it's a whisky!

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@dXIIIrReview by @dXIIIr

29th Oct 2009


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'Though the finish of the standard Glenmorangie 10y didn't quite meet my expectations, its initial aroma more than tickled my senses.

This kept me from losing interest in the brand, and when I came across ths Quinta Ruban it immediately caught my attention.

The colour of the dram - and to be honest also the name - really attracted me and before I knew it I had baught a bottle.

The first nosing confirmed my thoughts: a tingling full sweetness of red dried fruits let the port shine through. It's actually more complex, but it's quite difficult to make a clear summary.

The dram is medium bodied, rather sweetish, but this perfectly in balance with the alcohol. Hints of raisins and/or other dry fruit, and even tobacco.

Other than the original, this Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban's aftertaste tends to linger quite long. It's warming with impressions of nuts and tobacco on top of the fruit.

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jdcook commented

This is definitely on my wish-list. Good review...

10 years ago 0

yossiyitzak commented

Glenmo's are top on my list and this one is right behind the 18yr for me (With the Nectar D'or in the far lead). @jdcook - do yourself a favor and buy a bottle of the Quinta Ruban - STAT!

10 years ago 0

jdcook commented

@yossiyitzak - yup, the Nectar D'or is my next purchase, then the Ardbeg Corryvreckann (if any bottles exist by then) and then the Quinta Rubin.

10 years ago 0

jeanluc commented

This appeals more than anything in the Glenmorangie range at the moment. Must try soon.

@jdcook - I'm expecting a Corryvreckann sample to arrive once the postal strike is over.


10 years ago 0

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