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Happy Birthday!!

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By @paddockjudge @paddockjudge on 27th Oct 2013, show post

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Jonesz replied

@Nozinan Happy BD hope you have many more, so many to open! BTW my addled old brain now seems to recall receiving a Paradigm sample from our friend in Sudbury along with a few from North of 7. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find any tasting notes at this end, my bad. Wish it were available for shipping as would like to try it again after reading your review.

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NamBeist replied

@Victor Happy Birthday! It is April 28 in the Netherlands. I will have a dram on your health!

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Nozinan replied

Happy Birthday @Victor !

I will toast you with maple syrup that I pour on my Matzah Brei in the morning for breakfast.

I wish I could raise a dram for you but that will have to wait until after Tuesday.

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Timp replied

Happy birthday @NamBeist, @Nozinan and @Victor. Many happy returns and will raise a glass to you all this evening. Slainte..

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Jonesz replied

@victor Happy BD my virtual friend I have really enjoyed our talks over the past while. Wish you all the best and will hoist one in your honour this evening.

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Victor replied

Such a treat!!! To have my birthday be the last full posting day for Connosr.com.

Thank you @NamBeist , @Nozinan, @Timp, and @Jonesz for the birthday well wishes.

And thank you VERY much @jeanluc and @pierre for making possible the 13.4 enjoyable years I have spent on this site with this nice group of fellow spirits connoisseurs!.

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RianC replied

May I also wish a Happy birthday to @NamBeist, @Nozinan and @Victor. fireworks tada

I shall toast you, and the site, with a pour of Macallan later this evening!


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Nock replied

Happy Birthday @Victor! I am saddened to learn that this is the last posting day for Connosr. I am grateful for your friendship.

And belated happy birthday to @NamBeist and @Nozinan!

Wishing you all the best in this next year around sun. Cheers to all of you.

I will have to decide what to cheers you all with tonight. Maybe a George T. Stagg? Or an Ardbeg 23yo? Or maybe a young Octomore? Or perhaps 24 year old Lagavulin?

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paddockjudge replied

Wishing you, @Victor, a Happy Birthday! Our friendship began with posts on Connosr. It seams to be strangely appropriate that Connosr will discontinue to allow posts on the birthday of its favourite poster. Wishing you good health and great happiness, my friend.

tumbler_glass tumbler_glass

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bwmccoy replied

@Victor - Happy Birthday! I am so thankful that we’ve had the chance to meet in person twice in the past few years (adding @Nock last time). I hope there are more in person meetings in the future. You are a true gentleman and friend. I appreciate all that you taught me when you shared your amazing bourbons, ryes, tequilas and Mezcals on my first visit. I hope you have an amazing birthday! I will raise something special in your honor later tonight!

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Astroke replied

Happy birthday @Victor

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