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Hazelburn 8 Year Old

Simple, Grassy, and Sweet

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@VictorReview by @Victor

21st Sep 2013


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Hazelburn whiskies are produced at the Springbank distillery. They are unpeated. The tasting notes for the reviewed bottle were taken 3 weeks after the bottle was opened. Now, 6 months after bottle opening, the primary observation of the change in flavours is that this whisky has become progressively much sweeter on palatal delivery and on finish

Nose: astringent apple, pear, and grass, with a hint of airplane glue and very light salt. Water turns the astringent to neutral. Nice barley flavours, strong and pointed

Taste: the nose flavours translate with a greater fullness. In addition there are hints of anise and grape, and, mid-delivery, a rush of honey-sweetness. This bottle is much sweeter after 3 weeks than when first opened. A few drops of water turns this extremely sweet

Finish: with or without water Hazelburn 8 becomes sweeter and fruitier as the delivery progresses into the finish. It ends on sweet apple and grape notes

Balance: I had a restaurant sample of this whisky which I loved, so I later got a bottle. This bottle is so far not impressing me as highly as did the first sample I had, but it is nonetheless a nice whisky. Hazelburn 8 YO is a very straightforward uncomplicated whisky, whose appeal lies in subleties and nuances. Shades of barley, variations of fruitiness, and nuances of sweet/dry/tart balance, particularly when freshly opened, are the primary features to observe. After 6 months opened, I would describe this bottle as a "sweet grassy treat", which would appeal to you if drinking sweet grass is something you like to do

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Lifewaterforce commented

Really love the Springbank offerings! Haven't tried this one but from having tried the 12 and a sample of the 8 yr old Sauternes cask, this one seems to be less pungent, which the 12 yr old is. Very good&informative review!

7 years ago 0

MaltActivist commented

How do you compare the 12 year old to this? I reviewed the 12 and gave it exactly the same score as you've given the 8 - though I suspect I'm a tad more generous than you.

Thanks for the wonderful review!

7 years ago 0

Victor commented

@tabarakRazvi, I haven't tasted any of the Hazelburn 12 yet. I will make a comment after I have had some. It might be awhile, though.

7 years ago 0

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