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By @jeanluc @jeanluc on 17th Mar 2017, show post

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sengjc replied

A couple of bottles of whisky:

  • A bottle of the 1992 Glen Keith, a 24 year old single malt that has been matured in ex-bourbon barrels no. 120579 & 120580. Bottled at cask strength by independent bottlers: Signatory Vintage for their Cask Strength Collection series.

  • A bottle of the SMWS 73.83, dubbed 'Anzac biscuits and cricket bats'. A 2001 Aultmore that has been matured in a refill sherry cask. Bottled at 15 years old to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society - Australian chapter.

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Pete1969 replied

@paddockjudge I do like my barrel proof as well, Bookers, Blantons SFTB etc are all in my wheelhouse as is WTRB. It is just I like the 112 a lot but loved the 108 but came too late to the party and my first bottle was also my last.

Although I was asking for advice I know the 116 will end up in my cabinet as I am a sucker for just one more bottle as my bank balance for last 2 months attest. 2 Cairdeas a CS batch 9, and 3 bottles of Octomore (6.1 and 2 x 7.3 got another after tasting first) do tend to make a dent but hey ho I can't take it with me.

And then there is the 8.2 at travel retail and I go on holiday in 2 weeks I wonder if that might join the wifes perfume in the basket. Luckily work has been hectic and pulling a lot of overtime so I have been putting money away even though spending a small fortune and not really drinking much. That should end soon and will reign in the buying and start enjoying the fruits of my labours.

PS the holiday was the wifes perk from the overtime along with an Appleton 21 she loves rum.

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BlueNote replied

@Pete1969 Excellent attitude. Life's too short......etc.

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BlueNote replied

@sengjc A nice pair. I can practically smell the leather wrapped, sweat impregnated handle of that cricket bat.

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Robert99 replied

@BlueNote Unfortunately, I don't plan to open it soon. Like many, I have too many bottles opened and want to finish a few before opening a new one. But what a read about it is that it has more fruit notes than usual Mac and maybe less leather and sherry notes than the first Edition. All reviews are good but depending on how close to the hearth of the reviewer is the traditional Mac profil some will like it more others will like it less. If you like it bold, the first edition seems the one to get. If you favor balance over power the second will suits you.

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BlueNote replied

@Robert99 Thanks, I'll look up some more reviews of both editions before deciding if they are worth the money.

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paddockjudge replied


As promised, Brothers' Birthday Blend containing 12 YO Lot No 40, 30 YO Canadian Double Distilled, and a drop of New Oak Barley Whisky.


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@Nozinan An Ardbeg Addition introduced at a "continuing education lecture" by Brendan McCarron , aka Lumsden's right-hand man, at the Depot in Naperville, Illinois this past Thursday evening. Touted as a smoke resilient, PX sherry wood, first fill bourbon wood combination married in a French oak vat, the samples were well received by the gathered students. McCarron was a delight, entertaining, knowledgeable, and approachable. Saint Joan, a professed smokaphobe, liked it. She picked up several flavors which remain unrevealed. I had not realized she was into complexity. The comparison dram of Oogie is still my favorite. Love that bacon! Price? About $60.

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Nelom replied

I've been on a cruise for the past month and so haven't posted much, but today we stopped in our first major American port: Boston

Having been to Boston a few times before I didn't much care about doing the regular touristy things, so I decided a trip to Total Wine would be in order. I'd heard good things about this chain of stores and I wasn't disappointed. Selection is great, prices are great too.

Unfortunately the budget is a titch strained at the moment, but this is what I came away with:

  • Jim Beam 11 YO Triticale bourbon
  • Henry McKenna 10 YO BiB bourbon
  • Pikesville 6 YO Straight Rye
  • High West Double Rye

I've heard great things about all of these, some of which I can't get at home and some of which are vastly cheaper here. Pikesville was had for a little more than 1/3 of what I would've paid at home.

I also got a couple of minis of two expressions of Winchester, a Total Wine store brand using TerrePURE's artificial aging process. I've been curious about this process ever since I first heard of about it, so it'll be fun to try some products that have been created using it.

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Nozinan replied

@Nelom nice haul, I look forward to hearing about the Winchester.

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