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Isle of Jura 10 Year Old

Jura aged 10 years

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@huinemanReview by @huineman

6th Nov 2020


Isle of Jura 10 Year Old
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This, as is not uncommon with me, is an old review: it dates back to Aug 24, 2014. Take that into account as I'm aware Jura has changed recipes throughout the years.

Jura 10 bottle is totally transparent and colorless, which leads us to this peculiar note about the hue: if you see the bottle, the scotch looks amber to reddish with some brown highlights, but if you pour a dram, it's straw yellow with a slightly greenish cast to it. Of course, the latter is the one I use as a reference.

Aroma is not intense at all, it's even dull, and adding water or ice doesn't really bring it back to life. You got (in this 2014 review) many smoky scents, the likes of leather and bogfire, along with pine needle, resin and even brine. I remember checking their webpage and their saying it had loads of honey and my trying hard to find it -but no way, José.

Mouthfeel was soft, very quick on the sip (I mean, it wasn't oily or velvety and you gulped it down almost as if drinking water). Nothing surprised me, it was a simple dram. No terrible issues, but no rocking'n'rolling upsides either. Finish was medium-lasting with smoky and sweet tinges. Never had it again so far.

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