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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

Banana Bread & Barrel Char

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@cricklewoodReview by @cricklewood

31st Dec 2017


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I am not much of a fan of old No.7 but I can see the appeal of it, it has indeed become a very powerful American Icon, pretty much synonymous with rock & roll, motorcycles and the assorted trappings of that lifestyle. It is also fairly easy drinking whether due in part to the Lincoln process of charcoal filtering the whisky prior to barreling or the low abv.

After having sampled a few of these single barrel releases I have been pleasantly surprised and have eaten my share of crow. This one was from a bottle split with a friend.

Nose: Lacquer, banana chips, sweet corn and candy apples. There is a peak of allspice and cloves in the middle and then a little cedar and tons of fresh oak.

Palate: Sweet, sharp, banana bread, cooked cherries and vanilla. A little lactic and sour tang shows up too.

Finish: Oak and smidge of mint, vanilla and a lingering amount of peppery spices lead. The body is fairly thin.

I have to admit it is pretty decent stuff, again not my favourite American whisky but a far cry from Gentleman Jack. The price locally is fairly high, at the same price point I would rather buy Knob Creek SB or Eagle Rare.

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Robert99 commented

@cricklewood Tell us how it evolves with air exposure. I don't like the Old 7 but I really like the SB. How would you rate this batch?Or this barrel?

What I like in the SB is the integration of cake spices, floral notes and saw dust. I think Four Roses SB does it better with more precious wood and some red fruits, but JDSB is in the same line on the sweetest side. It has more batch variation than KCSB or Eagle Rare and it is more gentle compare to these two but I still prefer this one although, I would not put them in the same category.

5 years ago 0

RianC commented

@cricklewood - I opened a bottle of this last week. Will do a review once it's settled down.

Like you, Old no. 7 is not on my hit list but I have found the Master Distiller's series a significant improvement so took a gamble on this when it was on offer.

Initial impressions are quite good; not as woody as expected but very sweet, as you'd expect. It's certainly very drinkable and easy going which isn't always a bad thing.

5 years ago 0

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