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Jack Daniel's Triple Mash

A different take from JD

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@casualtortureReview by @casualtorture

30th Sep 2022


Jack Daniel's Triple Mash
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Grabbed a bottle of this after I really enjoyed my bottle of the new JD Bonded. Thought a comparison would be in order since I think they were released together.

This new release is "a blend of bonded American malt, rye, and Tennessee Whiskeys."

Neat in a Glencairn

Nose: Grainy and fruity on the nose. Corn flakes cereal, kiwi, green apple, milk chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. I certainly pick up both the malt and the rye. Kiwi and Jack Daniels is not an association I would ever have imagined I would make.

Palate: The palate leads off with green fruit, then the grains swoop in and undercut them. It's a contrasting transition. Honey nut cheerios this time, so I would say the palate has similar flavors with the nose but it's definitely sweeter. Again I think the malt and the rye profiles stand out more than the corn.

Finish: Honey and green fruit on the finish.

Overall: This is so different from the bonded. I didn't review that one because all I could think to say about it was that it was just solid "whiskey flavored whiskey." It had the standard vanilla, caramel, oak profile that you associate with American whiskey.

This on the other hand was not like any other JD I've had before. Green fruits and honey, again not something I would have ever associated with JD before today.

I'd give the bonded an 84 and this one maybe an 83.

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