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Jameson Select Reserve

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Jameson Select Reserve

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Jameson Select Reserve

Nose: Cinnamon, vanilla (light), and stewed soft fruits - mainly pear, white peaches, some apricot, and sweet melon. Red apple and some real banana* are out there in a creamy base. Rich and soft pie crust. It's light and creamy, and lots of finesse.

Palate: Soft and light on entry. We get some sweet wood, and it's a good thing. The fruit stew and pears return, but there's more brown spice, which is also more prominent than it was on the nose. Cinnamon, cardamom, and all-spice: the spices of sweet baking, and it's no wonder because this is like a light and creamy apple and pear crumble, having almost just cooled off, with a dollop of rich whipped cream on it. Yeah, it's got a sort of delicious thing going on here.

Finish: A bit short, but thoroughly enjoyable. Mainly the wood, vanilla, and pear remain. Some spice remains, but it's very subdued. On the whole, the triple distillation lends a certain finesse, but also takes out some of the heft and length. B+ 87/88

*- Generally, I don't like banana flavors or aromas in my spirits because they are always closer to banana flavoring, that artificial creation that I can't stand and don't enjoy in any food stuff (ask about banana flavored milk). Here, though, it's soft and subtle ripe banana - not the artificial stuff - and it works so well.


I am a big fan of Irish whisky, the Select Reserve definitely didnt disappoint. This is Jameson's core bottling with more intense but smooth sherry note and malt aroma (probably due to the potstill portion) with nice grain in the palate "staging" the malt. It stood up to a splash of water, opening up the dominant sherry for the caramel,guava,zesty notes to come through Lovely dram. I hide it behind my other bottles!

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