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Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year Old

Enjoyable blend, a step above

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jReview by @jmc

5th Aug 2012


Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year Old
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I had been looking for a bottle of this for quite some time and surprisingly had a little difficulty finding it, but after a little searching I located this at a larger liquor store in my area. I have tried both Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label in the past, and after hearing many good things about the Green Label I was anxious to try this out. Drank neat. The nose at first was overwhelmingly alcohol with a grass and wood but later I picked up honey and a some sweeter notes. This was remarkably smooth going down which was nice and allowed to enjoy the flavors more. The most prevalent flavor is that of alcohol, but while it is there it doesn't mask the other flavors I picked up such as vanilla, caramel, and of course the peat and smokiness. The smokiness was less than what I was expecting but still noticeable. I enjoyed the spicy finish and noticed a nutty flavor at the end as well. Of the 3 JW blends I have had, (red, black, and now green) I can definitely say that Green Label is a step above the others. This leaves me with a lot of curiosity and desire to try the gold and blue labels, but for now Green Label is suiting me just fine. This is an enjoyable blend which I recommend and certainly will have again in the future, but still lacks a certain something that makes me want to come back to it sooner.

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