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Johnnie Walker Swing

Johnnie Walker Swing

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14th Apr 2020


Johnnie Walker Swing
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This is an old tasting in two different ways: first, it took place in 2016 (Sep. 1, to be extra precise) and the bottle being opened was from the 1960s, so take that into account if your tasting is not the same as mine (then again, we might differ for other reasons.) So, Johnnie Walker Swing: it pours intense amber to orange with the trademark greenish strikes that I always find when beholding any Johnnie in direct light, from Red to Blue (not King George V, but that's no Johnnie, rather John.) In the nose it proves to be very sweety: vanilla, cinnamon, cookies, banana, marshmalllow... Even cocoa shake and hazelnut. Wow, kids' fantasy candy store. In the mouth it starts slightly sweet, in accordance with the nose, and not very boozy (but remember this is a 60s bottle.) Then it changes into a umami and somewhat salty sip, finishing very warm (not too long, though.)

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cricklewood commented

Interesting review, this sounds like it had some rather pleasant features.

From my limited experience older blends are definitely more interesting than their modern counterparts.

Armagnac and Cognac makers often talk about the greenish cast older vintages or at least blends containing older components have. Wonder if that accounts for the phenomenon you mention?

4 years ago 2Who liked this?

Nozinan commented

I have 2 bottles of this locked away in my collection. One I bought in around 2014 at a DF in New Jersey. Th other was rescued from my father in law’s home when he had bypass surgery, then a stroke, and it temporarily made him want to give away all of his booze.that bottle was likely bottled in the 1970a. My BIL @nosebleed took home the Blue. Bottles at 43%. Possibly from then as well.

I think I would like to do a H2H with both bottles but then I will have 2 bottles of Swing open so I need a lot of friends over for that. And I hope I get to it before BOTH bottles have OBE...

4 years ago 2Who liked this?