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19th Apr 2011


Johnnie Walker Swing
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This whisky comes in a cool bottle that is curved at the base so it has the ability to rock back and forth without tipping over. The name Swing is derived from this. I have never actually seen this whisky sold anywhere before, but my family has had a bottle for many years and because there isn't a review of it on Connosr, I think I'd write one while partaking in a dram.

Nose: Full of sherry and fruit sweetness. Nosing this whisky transports you to a warm spring day underneath a blossoming orange tree. There's a strong scent of orange blossom and dried apples and also a little hint of oak.

Palate: It's very light, fluid, and fruity. The sherry is subdued and more fruitiness comes out on the palate. I get the same fruit tastes as I smelled in the nose, but all are a bit more subdued. There's a faint smokiness. On first sip it seemed a little young and harsh, but I think that might have just been my mouth not being prepared because it was silky smooth for the second sip.

Finish: The finish is smoky and has a lot of oak. There is sherry just lingering in the back of your throat. It's a shorter finish and the spiciness that you have on the tip of your tongue once you swallow soon fades. It dries out the mouth a little.

Overall: I have no idea how old the scotches are that go into this blend but it is very smooth. It would be a very nice summer dram. It reminds me a lot of Johnnie Walker Green Label except instead of being earthy and malty, it's very light and fruity. I think that this is an exceptional blended whisky.

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dbk commented

Interesting whisky! You don't tend to see such decanters anymore—especially ones that arguably "hurt" the contents—but it can be a fun experience to try some of the earlier releases.

13 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

I have one of these Swing bottles, bottled in 1976. Truth be told, that is a fantastic whisky that puts many a new millennium bottling by JW to shame.

13 years ago 0

Taco commented

Quite a good blend for the price. Like mentioned, a nice spring and summer dram, so I'll probably pick up another in a few months. Currently working my way through the prates and heavily sherried ones at present,

11 years ago 0