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Knockando 1995 12 Year Old

Average score from 6 reviews and 15 ratings 69

Knockando 1995 12 Year Old

Product details

  • Brand: Knockando
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 43.0%
  • Age: 12 year old
  • Vintage: 1995

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Knockando 1995 12 Year Old

The Knockando Distillery is located in a village of the same name. She was founded in 1899 during the whisky boom, just months before the Pattison Crash. She got electricity in 1905 as well as a connection to the Great North of Scotland Railway. Let me try the entry level malt, their 12 Year Old, in this case distilled in 1995. In France, this malt is a big hit.

Sweet nose on sweetened breakfast cereals (Frosti) and cashew nuts with a mild fruitiness as if from young oranges. Orangina, the lemonade! Yes, that is what this reminds me of. Some caramel and vanilla. Not bad, but nothing close to earth shattering either.

The arrival is soft with just a tad of spices, although they quickly become louder. Nutmeg and a bit of pepper. The fruit remains mostly oranges, but now clear hints of Granny Smith apples come to the fore. It is, however, very sweet.

The finish is mildly spicy, but short and actually too sweet to be really good.

A spring whisky, very quaffable. But blind, I might confuse this with a grappa, which is most likely not what the producer would have wanted.


Knockando Distillery was built in 1898, and is named after the village in which it stands. The name derives from Scottish Gaelic Cnoc an Dhu, meaning "Little Black Hill".

I do enjoy finding out a bit about the distilleries and like that they each have some quirky fact that makes them unique. In the case of Knockando it is that they were the first distillery in Scotland to be built with electric lighting.

Anyway, enough of this, lets open the bottle.

It has a light colour like Golden straw.

The nose is a citrus bouquet, fresh hay, lemon grass and sweet apples

The first sip feels light and sweet. Honey with citrus. A peat undertone and burst of light fruits.

The finish tingles on the tongue with warm spice and a sweet rolling glow. Medium long.

This is a very pleasant summer drink which I will thoroughly enjoy. I can't see it lasting too long and was worth waiting to try.

Thanks much for a nice review of an off-the-radar whisky.


Nose: Honey, marzipan, freshly mown grass Taste: Sugar puffs, honey, lemon, pear drops, white grape skin Finish: Bitter lemon, fairly short


The nose is filled with old leather and tobacco, with hints of malt, wood and salt. It smells like someone dipped a well-loved pipe-smokers tobacco pouch into a dry savoury whisky.

The taste is smooth, gentle and subtle, with continuing notes of leather, tobacco and salt.

The finish is mild, warm, and gentle. Notes of well-used leather. Not terribly long-lasting, but is still around as much as a minuted after swallowing.

This is unique in a way that you have to have tried a few whiskies to get (I think). It's an utterly savoury whisky without any traces of either smoke or peat. I can't think of another malt off the top of my head that fits that description. I didn't expect much (having heard virtually nothing about the Knockando before trying it), but in the pantheon of whiskies, this is genuinely unique. But if I hadn't tried several whiskies before this one, I wouldn't have appreciated this nearly as much, as it isn't amazing or very complex, but it is a genuinely good dram in its own way that has filled a unique niche.

Very SALTY! Not very nice.

Tastes a lot like artificial sugar. Ugggh!


Very light in colour, but with a very sharp and overpowering taste. Consequently I wasn't really able to enjoy it. Hints of oak and vanilla were pleasant enough, but I won't be buying it again.


Whatever Knockando... several other distilleries can do better. A little bit sharp, a little bit sweet, but nothing special, but that's probably because I favour a dark peaty beast of a whisky, which this isn't.

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