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Laphroaig Cairdeas 2010 'Master Edition' (Feis Ile)

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Laphroaig Cairdeas 2010 'Master Edition' (Feis Ile)

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Laphroaig Cairdeas 2010 'Master Edition' (Feis Ile)

Nose: in line with previous Cairdeas editions. The smoke and ashes seem a bit more prominent this time. Lemon and salt. Sweet marzipan notes and some banana again, but overall it seems quite a bit drier. The pencil shavings and soft vanilla that I found quite typical for the 2009 release seem to have diminished. On the other hand, the new edition is slightly more spicy and coastal. A hint of peppermint?

Mouth: quite dry smoke with citrus. Powerful earthy peat. Iodine. Getting oily and slightly peppery. Overall quite dry and sharp, lacking a bit of sweet, rounder elements in my opinion.

Finish: long and dry, evolving on salty almonds and some liquorice.


I’ve had this on my shelf for few weeks now and decided to treat myself and crack it open tonight... I’m a little disappointed to say the least.

Nose: Smoke and coastal notes immediately, fish with a squeeze of lemon to follow. Hints of trifle (fresh cream), an Italian desert I can’t quite put my finger on, and a shot of Amaretto hidden amongst it all. Pleasant. [20/25]

Taste: Spicy, very spicy, and peppery, like the pepper used in the Chinese Hot Pot when you ask for it 'hot' (Sichuan peppers?). Dry and almost numbing. Hint of fennel seed or aniseed in there too. [17/25]

Finish: Very long with a dryness that attaches to the side of your tongue. A lingering liquorice residue and slight oiliness stays with you for a good (or bad) 10 minutes. A finish that (almost) makes you want to rinse your month out. [13/25]

I’m a big fan of the 10yo and the Quarter Cask but this doesn't come close to either.

Hi scribe

Im not sure exactly what it was that didnt do it for me. The finish was pretty bad, maybe that's the main reason. I love smokey, peaty Islays and love Laphroiag in general. Maybe it's because i've been drinking sweeter whiskys lately and i've also been enjoying my Ardbeg 10yo (which it can't compete with imo). Or maybe i just wasnt in the mood. I defintely isn't the sort of dram for a hot summers day like yesterday - that may have killed it for me?

Re. the first sentence; that was a mistake. I should have deleted it. It was going to be a caveat saying that the review related to the 2010 masters addition as i was going to link the review to the standard Cairdeas bottle on Connosr. In the end i added it as a new bottle but forgot to delete. Nothing interestign im affraid..

Almost ordered a bottle of this, but decided to hold off in the end. Shame you didn't like it - what was it that put you off?

Still, would be intrigued to try some. Maybe I'll trawl the local bars in hope of a wayward bottle :)

p.s. The first sentence is intriguing me. "This is a review of the..." - of the what? Suspense!

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