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Lark Distiller's Selection Port Finish

State Of Origin Tasmania Represents

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

9th Aug 2012


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My wife and I, along with my brother and sister in law, had gone to a series of Australian whisky tastings at Helvetica. I was very excited as I'd recently tried quite a few of these whiskies at The Grove when I was down in Margaret River.

Even cooler the head distiller/owner of Limeburners was going to be at this tasting event titled: The State of Origin (It's an Aussie thing.)

Now I'd had Penderyn Aur Cymru, Bakery Hills Classic Malt, and Southern Coast Distillery Batch 5.

The first two whiskies didn't leave me too impressed, while Southern Coast Distillery showed quite a bit of promise.

The whisky that I was going to be tasted next was one that I was really excited because it's a distillery that is always kicking butt and I'd had before and been very impressed with.


Lark is one of the Australian distilleries that's always kicking butt left and right. I've never had a bad one, they're always yummy, however they can get pricey as they're always single barrel releases.

We chat a little bit more with Cameron as we start to nose this whisky.

The first thing that's evident is the spices. This is a spicey whisky!!

Pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg(?), peat and the slightest hint of the port from it's finishing.

Cool nose!

I expected quite a bit of fruit for some reason or another. Not much there.

Once we take a sip the flavors follow the nose extremely close, except for no fruit and there is a hint of chocolate at the very end of the palate.

Light peat, those peppery spices with the cinnamon all come through the flavor with as a said a hint of chocolate at the end.

The finish is peaty with chocolate and very yummy!

Not a bad drop and it's the favorite whisky of the night so far. I'd love to drink Lark more often, but sadly I can't afford it as often as I'd like.

On average I'd expect to pay at least $130 to $250 AUS per bottle, and it can be difficult to find at times as many bottle shops over here don't stock it. But it's so very yummy that it's worth it.

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