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Ledaig 10 Year Old


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@PeatyZealotReview by @PeatyZealot

12th Sep 2013


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After tasting the improved Tobermory 10 and hearing good things about this one (mostly outside Connosr;) I looked for it and got a bargain at €26,- on a Dutch webshop. Now being halfway the bottle after one month, I thought it was time for the review.

Nose: Without water its a bit rough, burnt oak and big medicinal peat and band-aid. After a few drops of water and 5 minutes of time I get sweet candy first, candle wax, dry vanilla, grassy smoke, wet forest floor, and oily peat. Quite different from most comparable Islays, but at least as complex. Some Ardbeggian tar in there too and after a while I even get some white flowery notes. Not a one trick pony:)

Arrival: Comes in gently and slowly builds up in flavor and hotness. It gives an immediate sense of quality. Light mouthfeel.

Palate: Young and feisty, but delicate and quite complex at the same time. I get peat! smoke! green pepper and vegetable notes, some dry hay, mild damp oak, vanilla candle wax , dark beer and some resin. Sweet, salt and bitter flavors take turns, but very much in balance. My guess is that only bourbon barrels were used to age it, but good ones.

Finish: medium length but smooth going down and warming, no burn here at 46,3%. bitterness on the side of the lips, ash, oak and peat on the tongue.

I tasted all the peaty Islays, most from the Islands and Campbelltowns from around 10-12yrs old and this one from the Isle of Mull, with its unique character, belongs right there in the mix. Great value for money too, I saw it later on a belgian site for €22,- 0_o

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Rigmorole commented

So it sounds as if the "medical equipment" rubber nose is gone. Well done, if it is. I tried this Ledaig last year and did not like the rubbery overtures. Reminded me of improperly sulfured casks.

9 years ago 0

PeatyZealot commented

No rubber in mine, some bandaid and iodine, but thats prefererable to me. Cask influence is quite light in mine, but no sulphury offputting smells or aromas. Btw, I just stumbled upon a sherried first bottling of Ledaig from 2000, for only €37,- haha. review coming soon:)

9 years ago 0

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