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Ledaig 10 Year Old

Barbecue at the Beach

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@GBroughReview by @GBrough

14th Feb 2014


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Ledaig 10, when i saw this bottle i was mystified. An isle whisky that i have never heard of so i pulled up Jason Delby's site and had to buy it, Ledaig is the original name for Tober-Moray Distillery and with a nice balanced peatiness.

Nose: Oysters, Peat, Smoke, Salt , Vanilla, Spice, light hint of fruit, pepper, chili. Palate: Oysters, Peat, Smoke, Brine, Vanilla, Spice, I get something like a peach, pepper, some chili, Finish: Sweet peat, smoke, vanilla, pepper.

In conclusion this is very good, and for 50.99 at my bevmo i am impressed the price point is affordable for what it is. Isle Of Jura goes for much more, same with Isle Of Scapa 16. Shout out to Jason Delby for letting me know this was a good buy. My only complaint with it is the fruit feels out of place with the peat and smoke. Getting either Kilchoman Machir Bay, Talisker 10, or Laphroaig 18 for my next purchase.

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Rigmorole commented

Any hint of rubber, surgical tubing, plaster, or sulfur? I've always hoped that Ledaig would get better. It has so much potential but the last time I tasted it was dismal at the pub. Then again, the bottle had to have been a few years old then and that was over a year ago. . . .

7 years ago 0

GBrough commented

Not really, the flavors transition from sweet to heat. Not my laphroag triole wood but good, and I will give it a taste with water to see if I get that. Going to review my Talisker Distiller's Edition 2013 tonight the only odd note out of the Talisker is a slight vegetal note on the finish reminds me of walking by olives.

7 years ago 0

GBrough commented

With water it becomes very rubbery.

7 years ago 0

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