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Macallan 25yo " That Boutique-y Whisky Company "

Seriously good...

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@sorrenReview by @sorren

20th Mar 2017


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When it comes to whisky just about every man and his dog knows the name of Macallan.. The name just shouts quality and nothing can compare to the whisky if it bears this name !!! Or can it ? I have honestly never really agreed with all the fuss about Macallan whisky, I’ve tried some of the core range and I can’t say I have been overly impressed. This whisky is overpriced for what it actually is and really does sell itself on a name and a age gone by.. The NAS bottles thrown out these days are good whisky but in a price bracket too high in my opinion, but and this is a big but for me.. I was speaking to Dave from ” That Boutique-y Whisky Company ” and he told me the older bottlings were actually quite incredible and if I didn’t agree I should be locked up … So the challenge was set and although this is not just any old whisky I still have plenty of doubts..

This bottle still is not cheap with a retail price of £497 for a 50cl size but if you know Macallan prices then you will also appreciate that for a 25yo single cask Macallan the price is possibly a steal IF the whisky is any good that is.. Bottled at 48.8% abv this is of course all natural colour and NCF.. And talking about the colour which I rarely mention but this has a deep mahogany colour so it’s all sherry baby !!

Nose.. Dates, raisins and figs all wrapped in a Demerara coat with the finest maple syrup. Rich dark chocolate, treacle toffee, rum n raisin fudge and old leather all send your senses into overdrive. Candied oranges, plums and cherries give this a fruity side and a little tobacco note rises gently to finish off this perfect nose.

Palate.. It’s all still there.. The fruity notes mix well with the old mature oaky notes, old leather and soft spices. A touch of vanilla, cinder toffee and coffee flavours all blend into each other perfectly..

Finish.. Not long enough !!

Thoughts.. When Macallan have whisky like this I can’t believe I’m a dis believer but compared to the basic core range then this is beyond a world apart.. There are some seriously dark aromas and flavours inside this bottle and the musty, oaky scents really do remind you of the oldest of dunnage warehouses, that scent when the doors first open are all in this bottle.. Yes ok this is way more expensive but the journey this whisky takes you on is unbelievable and it’s worth every penny of the £500 ish price tag.. But put this whisky into an official bottle, sell as a single cask and be prepared to pay a seriously large amount more !! And although the quality of whisky inside is still the same then personally I could not justify the cost.. But, if you see this and you can afford it then do net hesitate.. This is serious whisky for a seriously good price.. Well done ” That Boutique-y whisky Company”


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Nozinan commented

This sounds quite nice. I'm not sure anything you describe beats the now long gone CS, but it does sound more flavourful than the 43% chill-filtered official bottling I tasted that would now go for twice the price.

about one year ago 1Who liked this?

sorren commented

This really was quite good, it gives me faith in the macallan name but the NAS core range just does nothing for me at the price they ask.. but it also asks the question as to why the OB are so expensive ? Consumers being ripped off again.

about one year ago 0

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