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Maker's Mark 46

Maker's Maker 46

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@thewhiskyguyReview by @thewhiskyguy

16th May 2010


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Makers Mark (MM) is one of two USA distillers to use the name whisky rather than whiskey (an indication to it's owners Scottish roots).

This bourbon is extremely interesting because it's using the same method John Glaser and the guys a Compass box adopted for the 1st release of Spice tree.

For those not aware of what this is; you insert French oak into the barrels and allow them to impart a unique flavour. However, unlike Spice Tree, because the regulations are much clearer the French oak used by MM is new wood so thus 46 can still be classed as a bourbon.

So this is MM at 5/6yo, which has been finished with seared French oak staves (this is very unique!).

My Tasting Notes:

Nose - The nose is at first slightly lighter than the standard MM, as it sits in the glass the caramel and sweetcorn builds. Promptly followed by a slight burn toast smell as a bready whiff drops to the classic vanilla and condensed cream heaviness of MM. From this point the nose stabilised slightly, but is extremely pleasant.

Body - good weight,Smooth, the ABV is slightly higher to help carry the flavours from finish which adds richness. Medium oiliness in the finish.

Palate - Like the standard MM the nose is very present as the tastes on the palate, but the French oak has played it's part in increasing the complexity. We now have on top of the caramel, corn and vanilla a orchestral arrangement of spice. The percussion of Cinnamon chases an uncommon, but mild astringency. Aniseed, clove and earl grey all have a part to play, this the final strings of milk chocolate and a mild tingle on the front of the tongue. Medium length.

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LeFrog commented

Very nice review. This goes straight on the wishlist :)

13 years ago 0

PeatAndMeat commented

@thewhiskyguy which is the other American distiller to use 'whisky' rather than 'whiskey'?

13 years ago 0

thewhiskyguy commented

The other is a tennessee whisky called Dickel, quite rummy and way to easy to drink neat!

13 years ago 0

jdcook commented

Added to the wishlist!

13 years ago 0

ggranatstein commented

I just picked up a bottle in New Hampshire. It really is great. Surprisingly great. There's a great article in Forbes describing how it's made and the whole back story. Good read: blogs.forbes.com/booze/2010/…

13 years ago 0

galg commented

tasting it now. love it.

13 years ago 0

quirkzoo commented

I also just opened my bottle. Very nice, I really like the added spice/complexity on the palate. I enjoy regular Makers but it is very predictable, 46 on the other hand gave a few good surprises.

13 years ago 0

varohaub commented

I have a bottle of this in the cabinet and I love it. I'm a pretty regular MM drinker, though I love drinking around the world (everything has its own place, right). I completely agree that this whisky has more spice, more complexity, and more interest than the standard Maker's. I heard the master distiller describe it as "not a sibling, but more like a distant cousin," which makes sense since they start with Maker's as their base.

I drink neat, with water, and with ice, at pretty regular intervals, and I have to say that water or ice unlock a whole mess of spice you don't get if you drink this stuff neat. It's worth adding a few drops or plunking in a cube just to taste the difference.

13 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

It's interesting reading the review, and then all these comments, especially the link provided by @ggranatstein. Though I have not tasted MM46 (and I really should), one thought that keeps entering my mind is that Maker's has now produced a bourbon similar to most other, more robust, mid-range bourbons. Do other members feel this way, or would you say MM46 is truly distinct ?

13 years ago 0

Requiem commented

I am just entering the American whis(e)y waters and am relatively new to bourbon, but this unit strikes me as a nice bourbon: thick, long, a bit oily, certainly tongue-tingling and spicy prickly, most definitely pleasantly hot and long. The French oak staves add a welcome complexity over the original MM, to my mind. Very warming and soothing. I also have to say that I picked up a bottle of this yesterday in NY state for $36 as opposed to the LCBO's sickening $49.95. Caveat emptor to all Ontario connoisseurs.

12 years ago 0

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