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Maker's Mark "Rock the Vote" (RedWhiteBlue Wax)

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Maker's Mark "Rock the Vote" (RedWhiteBlue Wax)

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Maker's Mark "Rock the Vote" (RedWhiteBlue Wax)

This was my first sampling of whiskey after an eight month Afghanistan deployment, so it could be said that this was a fitting dram for my return.

On the nose: Oak, cinnamon, brown sugar, spices and a light hint of the alcohol that aids in the delivery of the other scents without overwhelming.

Taste: For me, about the same as the nose, with the addition of grain, vanilla, honey and fruit cake. A nice oiliness that lightly coats the mouth without setting the taste buds on fire.

It could have been the company, the cigar I had with this dram or the fact that I was on the way home and had two fingers of Americana in a glass, but I really enjoyed it and that's what matters. If you want a reliable, strong bourbon that never disappoints, you can't go wrong here.

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