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Mortlach 16 Year Old

The Christmas Whisky

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@RexAlbanReview by @RexAlban

25th Sep 2010


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I have to say the Mortlach Flora & Fauna 16yo from Diageo is flawless. It's almost a crime that it has been denied its place in The Classic Malts range. The whisky is matured for 16 long years in sherry casks.

The nose is rich sherry and sumptously fruity christmas cake, on the palate there is a rush of plums, sweet summer fruits, mouthwatering melons and warming spice, the finish is long rich fruity with just a hint of liquorice maybe even a glimmer of sulphur, but thats easily overlooked.

This is one to take during dessert and with the chocolates

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jdcook commented

I'm yet to get my hands on a Mortlach, but this certainly sounds brilliant.

12 years ago 0

jeanluc commented

Alan, this seems very reasonably priced. I'm tempted to buy a bottle on the back of this review :)

It's interesting that you mention the hint of sulphur - which I've only ever heard spoken of as a negative thing - but it leads me to the question:

Can sulphur be an accepted part of a whisky's flavour profile?

12 years ago 0

RexAlban commented

The sulphur I detect is so subtle that it does not detract from the positive. It's true to say also that whisky would not suffer it's loss.

12 years ago 0

j0h3ll commented

Interesting! I have a bottle in the mail and I absolutely can't wait. Sounds like a great dram.

12 years ago 0

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