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Mortlach 1990 19 Year Old Sherry Butt #5964

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@mattbergReview by @mattberg

14th Jun 2011


Mortlach 1990 19 Year Old Sherry Butt #5964
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This is a Signatory Cask Strength bottling from sherry butt 5964. I'm hoping this is a one-off but starting to wonder why there are no reviews for this bottling anywhere on the internet, (does somebody know something I don't) as this is just awful. I'm used to the power of Laphroaig cask strength and have other Mortlachs at 56% but this tastes like there is something wrong with it. Not the usual structured complexity of Mortlach but a rough medicinal/ethyl nose with just a hint of honey. Have watered down and left for half an hour... no distinctive aroma and tastes like sweet alcohol. Will be asking my retailer to send this back as it aint cheap...

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lucadanna1985 commented

was that a first tasting? I've experienced awful bottles that opened up after a few days in the bottle, maybe it's the case, or at least I hope so for you mate!

12 years ago 0

mattberg commented

I took two drams but don't see this changing.. no complexity of Mortlach richness just a two stage alcohol and sugar... with water no perceptible aroma at all, very odd... will speak to my retailer today

12 years ago 0

Pierre commented

@mattberg You say in your review that the bottle you are tasting is Signatory Cask Strength but that's not the bottle you've attached the review to. Can you clarify? Adding such a low score any bottle is damaging for its reputation - doubly so if you are naming the wrong bottle.

12 years ago 0

jeanluc commented

The bottle has been updated as requested by @mattberg

12 years ago 0

mattberg commented

Thanks for your comments guys.. I took the bottle back to my retailer Vintage House in Soho London and they agreed there was something not quite right about with this particular bottle. They said it was unbalanced with too much alcohol and not the same as other bottles from this cask 5964 they've had and sold successfully. They will be sending it back to SV. We tried another one that they use for tastings from the same cask and it was far richer, balanced and fuller. Just very different. I would give that particular tasting an 85 but the one I had still stands as above. Interesting lesson I guess especially in who/where you buy from, If I had bought this over the net from a distant retailer I might not have received the same service, knowledge and interest. After tasting a few Whiskies (including a 1971 Glenfiddich which was amazing) I replaced this with a Signatory Cask Strength Macallan 1988... which is fab and will review soon.

12 years ago 0

Volks commented

@mattberg. Unfortunate you got this result first time, im considering buying the very same bottle though now i am hesitant.

just wondering how the flavour changed as you (presumably) went down the bottle. Did it hold its flavours well or fade?

11 years ago 0

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