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Oban 14 Year Old

State of Play of two region styles

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

25th Feb 2014


Oban 14 Year Old
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It is amazing how much Oban 14 year old is like a crossover of usual Islay and Speyside stuff. This Highlander surely is a crossbreed of fruity smoothness and heavy smoke but something falls short. There's no real character.

With Oban 14 yrs, every good scent and taste stays at the background and doesn't want to step up. There is some character but it doesn't want to get out. Oban 14 yrs is like a good Ben Affleck movie – those exist and they are good but they still have Ben Affleck in them. Take State of Play for instance.

Nose: Burning bonfire smoke fades away bringing some medicinal notes and fermented fruits. There's also something very pointy and repulsive, like drying paint.

Taste: Thick and smooth. Oak, malt, wine and fruits.

Finish: Very strongly sour and dry at first, like chewing painted wood. Then some nice faints of smoke rise along with hints of fruit. Long finish but still the weakest part.

Balance: Sophisticated smoke, quite rich but not the most consistent drams I've tasted.

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Jules commented

Although I see where you're coming from here, I think it does actually have a (subtle) character - it's a SALTY dram! At least to my palate...

I assume you like a clear 'element' to stick out in your Scotch, which I do understand - and in that case this isn't going to knock you over.

But the balance is exactly why I like it actually, though each to their own!

10 years ago 0

Rantavahti commented

I am bit harsh when it comes to smoky drams (which are usually my favorite ones). And the taste is actually good in Oban 14 yrs (as I gave it 22 points). The nose and finish are the ones, I expected more of.

10 years ago 0

Jules commented

Hmm, not sure I'd tag this as a 'smoky' malt, per sé. It has quite a bit less smoke than Bowmore or Talisker in general, and those are only medium peated Whiskies. Agreed that nose is rather flat, yes.

10 years ago 0