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Old Pulteney 17 Year Old

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@UisgeJonReview by @UisgeJon

24th Jan 2013


Old Pulteney 17 Year Old
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So, I seem to be having the good fortune of bartenders making mistakes that go in my favor lately, and this was another. I ordered the Old Pulteney 12, and he accidentally poured me the 17. Sweet.

Nose: A lovely first impression; a sweet "hello." A bit of peppery burn, which I'm fond of. Licorice, honey, florals, open up to caramel. There is some fantastic depth here. A solid start.

Palate: Honey, clove and vanilla play a strong role in this palate at the start, which then give way to maple, which is very interesting in a fantastic way. Citrus notes are hidden there too, with apple and a bit of orange zest, with just a pinch of sea salt at the end. I'm very impressed.

Finish: More pepper, more maple, followed by some cinnamon. You also pick out more of the honey and sea salt that started on the palate. Not the longest finish, but a very good one.

This is a keeper. There is a place on every shelf for this bottle.

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Rigmorole commented

I'm with you. Can't wait to open my 21 year OP. I've never owned a 17, but I've tried it a few times at a bar near me. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. The only surprise the 17 had for me that I didn't like was a slight hint in the flavor that reminded me the smell of a fresh gauze bandage right out of the wrapper. Weird, right? Well, it went way after about 20 minutes in the glass.

11 years ago 0

UisgeJon commented

You're going to have to tell me how that 21 yr treats you. That could be a downright ringer of a bottle. I'm excited to hear about it. The 17 was dang good. I don't know, thinking back on it, I may have to bump this up a point or two... some interesting and very unique flavor profiles happening in that dram for sure.

11 years ago 0