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Overeem Single Malt Whisky Port Cask

Oh Where Art Thou Cask Strength

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nReview by @nebulous

29th Mar 2016


Overeem Single Malt Whisky Port Cask
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I know little of Australian whisky but having previously been impressed with Sullivan's Cove French Oak I took the opportunity to purchase both the Old Hobart Overeem Port Matured as well as the Sherry Matured.

A boutique distillery located in Blackmans Bay, Tasmania it is owned and operated by Casey Overeem (from whom this whisky gets it's name) and commenced production in 2007.

The nose offers sweet summer fruit, strawberries, raspberries, apples, some cakiness, perhaps reasonant of the breadiness of a summer pudding. A stewed note is forthcoming with dried ginger and aniseed.

The youth of the whisky is noticable on the palate with a slight, I hesitate to use the word rough, edge as the sweetness bursts forth. The cakiness is still there, perhaps more akin to a jam-filled doughnut. The fruit deepens into cherry and red currant giving some needed weight. The fruit then gives may to the ginger and aniseed, some wood notes, leather and dark chocolate.

The fruit is strongly represented in a medium-long finish, accompanied by the wood and ginger.

Overall a little too sweet for my palate, which I believe could be balanced out by the increased ABV of the cask strength offering which, sadly, seems more difficult to obtain!

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MaltActivist commented

I've had the 60% which is absolutely unbelievable! One of my Top 5. I suspected that the watered down version wouldn't be as good...

8 years ago 0

nebulous commented

I'd love to try the cask strength. There's certainly enough appeal in the lower ABV offering to put the cask strength version high on my wishlist.

8 years ago 0

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