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Penderyn Madeira 41

Average score from 3 reviews and 3 ratings 84

Penderyn Madeira 41

Product details

  • Brand: Penderyn
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 41.0%

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Penderyn Madeira 41

The reviewed sample is compliments of @jonathan. The bottle had been open for 3 months at the time of the tasting notes. No water was added

Nose: sweet and pleasant Madeira wine greets first, followed by light cereal-like flavours of barley-grain and a hint of citrus. A little sourness comes out to balance the sweetness. This is a very nice nose, albeit a little understated. Score: 22/25

Taste: grape flavours from wine come on with an edge in the mouth. The cereal flavour from the malt is delicate, but very pleasant. Score: 22/25

Finish: the malt flavours last a medium length, but the Madeira wine flavours last long. Score: 22/25

Balance: excellent balance in the nose, good balance on the palate, and adequate balance on the finish. This Penderyn 41 Madeira is a very pleasant light malt whisky. In style this whisky reminds me very strongly of Glengoyne 10 yo. Score: 21/25

Total Sequential Score: 87 points

Strength: medium strong flavours throughout. Score: 22/25

Quality: very good quality of flavours throughout. Score: 22/25

Variety: a very nice selection of flavours. Score: 22/25

Harmony: the flavours coorperate very well together. Score: 22/25

Total Non-Sequential Score: 88 points

Comment: this Penderyn 41 Madeira whisky is a light whisky which works. I am a fan

Even though I'm Welsh I've never actually tried any Penderyn whisky.Last night a friend gave me his bottle with about 75mls remaining in it.To be honest I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting much but it was a lot better than I thought it would be. Very nice cereal tasting whisky.Reminded me very much of a Deanston but this one was at 46%.

I was at a whiskey tasting around Christmas and one a drawing to pick one of six bottles that we tasted that night. The theme was unusual cask finishes. Having sampled the six whiskies I chose the penderyn as it was the most unorthodox flavor profile and adds diversity to my collection. What I recall most about it was the very peppery dryness that the madeira casks imparted upon this malt. I found it very enjoyable.


The only other Penderyn I've had was a cask-strength SMWS (now very difficult to find), whereas this one is a more readily-available distillery bottling. Unfortunately, I didn't note enough information from the bottle when I collected this sample - I see now in my research that there are many releases of the 41 Madeira, and I don't know exactly which one this is.

The Madeira was the flagship release of this distillery, coming out into the world on March 1 2004. It is matured in first- and second-fill bourbon barrels (from Buffalo Trace and Evan Williams), and then finished for a few months in Madeira barriques. Note that the general Penderyn Madeira is bottled at 46%; whereas the 41 variant is bottled at, well, 41%. Thank you to Ross Allen for this sample.

The colour is a pale, creamy gold. On the nose, quite malty with hints of apricot, ginger, toffee and nutmeg. Some anise there too. Quite floral. Very light and refreshing - I almost get a note of "fresh air." Actually, I really do, which is accentuated by a drop of water (as well with the anise).

That lightness continues on the palate: some gentle tannins, brine, vanilla and peaches - lots of peaches. Very easy to drink - this would be a good introduction for the whisky novice. Water seems to do little to the taste and mouthfeel.

The finish is much deeper than you might think, with a lot of spices and vanillas. I certainly detect many notes that were found in the SMWS Penderyn, though as you can imagine, this bottle is gentler and more refined (where the cask-strength was punchier but no less delicate, somehow). Definitely worth seeking out!

Thanks for the nice review! There's not a lot of Welsh whisky reviews here. Had a couple of Penderyn samples recently at Whisky Live (this Madeira may have been one of them) and they were very decent.


This is the new version of Penderyn. Been wanting to try this distillery for a while so I was glad to see it available at a lower price. Still madiera finished, non-chillfiltered and, judging by the colour, caramel-free.

The aroma is very light, hinting at vanilla, grape, and bubblegum. Also lemon water. Nice, but takes some coaxing. It is light-bodied in the mouth with a crisp, slightly sharp attack. Reminds me somewhat of an Irish whiskey. Apparently their unique still results in a very high-strength spirit. The flavour is bittersweet. Dries on the finish, which is of medium length with a bit of a sour fruity flavour.

Overall I find this a strange whisky. Pleasant enough but it lacks the fullness and development that I like.

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