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Penderyn Sherrywood

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Penderyn Sherrywood

Product details

  • Brand: Penderyn
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 46.0%

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Penderyn Sherrywood

A pale golden spirit, the sherry cask has not imparted too much colour, but age might be a factor too in that. This particular bottle is marked December 09 so maybe this review is a little late... A touch of sherry on the nose, but the overriding aromas are similar to the normal Madeira bottling which suggests to me they are part of the distillery character they include apples, coconut and mown grass (the green green grass of home in my case).
There is a bit too much alcoholic bite for my liking but it is a young whisky. It’s less sweet than the Madeira cask, more bittersweet with a rich flavour of honey and some fruit (apples and peaches). The finish is a modest affair, long but the flavours are a bit muted, bittersweet and touch fruity.
A friend of mine raved about this stuff, but maybe he got a bottle from a better batch than I. The small batches produced by this distillery make its whisky quite variable. It’s an enjoyable dram and possibly a more grown up whisky than the Madeira cask version, and while I usually like dry whisky, there is not enough going on to score this particular bottle highly.

Interesting . . . . . This one is hard to find if nigh impossible in USA, especially Oregon. A very informative review. Thank you!

It's a very small distillery so they obviously can't market all their wears everywhere, which is a shame when there is demand.


Penderyn is the first Welsh distillery and they produce a good range of quality malts. This expression is stored in ex bourbon and then Oloroso sherry casks.

The colour is light Amber Gold. The nose is fruity and sweet. Honey, sherry and dark fruits.

On the palate you get honey, spices, oak, pepper, and sweet sherry. It's a little nutty.

Finish is slightly drying, spiced fruits and medium long.

Pleasant and very drinkable.

An interesting additional piece of information is that 70% of the spirit spends most of its life in ex-Buffalo Trace casks and 30% in Oloroso casks. They are then combined to give the finished product.


Whilst buying whisky online is no doubt convenient, I enjoy the personal ritual of going into a shop to buy a bottle. I like inspecting the labels first-hand; a spot of idle small talk with the shop keeper; and that inner monologue of turmoil while pondering the purchase you really can't afford.

Last weekend I stumbled upon a good wine shop in the City of London, I was already running late to meet my other half but I couldn't resist stopping to have a little sniff around.

The proprietor, who was more than happy to indulge in a bit of whisky chit-chat, had recently visited the Penderyn distillery in Wales. As it happened I was in the mood to take a punt on a recommendation and some 45 minutes later I emerged and quickly scuttled away with a bottle of Penderyn Sherrywood tucked under my arm.

Now, significantly late, I was already in the dog house.

I must be honest, I've courted this whisky a number of times over the week and it has more than satisfied my current sweet tooth, exceeding my expectations.

On the nose: Very rich and fruity, with raisins and a hint of tamarind. You expect a thick syrupy dram. The nose is quite outstanding.

Palate: Oily but still fresh, lots of fruitiness carrying through. Dried papaya and mixed (unsalted) nuts. Hints of fresh wood resin, like the timber section of a garden centre.

Finish: A healthy, long finish with a distinct fruit centre and a trailing vanilla tail.

If this is indicative of what Penderyn are producing, I want to taste more. At 46% I wouldn't bother adding water, it's ready to enjoy as is.

Well worth a couple of hours in the dog house if you ask me.

Definitely intriguing. I'll have to keep an eye out, and good to see another review from you JL!

What a fun review @Jean-Luc :-) A short story created from the context of a whisky purchase ... and a happy ending in the dog house ... but with your Penderyn of course !

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