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Rum Ruminations

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By @RianC @RianC on 4th May 2020, show post

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paddockjudge replied

@RianC, freezing rain comes in many varieties. It is all dependent upon the air temp. I’ve seen freezing rain anywhere from 0C to -10C. The minus 10 degree stuff is terrifying. It freezes on contact. Everything is plastered with ice, a thick coat of clear ice.

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Nozinan replied

@BlueNote Briefly:

There were bits of tree falling around me as I walked through the park to get to my residency interview.

After I was sent home because all surgeries were cancelled. A classmate called me and told me there was hot food at one of the hospitals that had set up as a shelter, and they were looking for students to volunteer to see all the sheltered seniors and make sure they had all their medications. I slept on a clinic exam table.

After that I made a deal with my surgery team. As many students were away at interviews, there were few of us to do call. I would have my days off after rounding on the patients and would come back to be on call. I was on general surgery but on one night I covered that service, the subspecialty surgical services and even held the student's arrest pager. I learned to put in my first arterial line that night.

I went home as long as my hot water tank would allow me to shower. One day a guy was BBQing all his thawing bacon in the laundry room (!!). After the hot water ran out I showered in the not so pleasant call rooms.

Someone who would later be a friend was part way through his surgical residency. He was on call but also called up by the military (he was a major in the infantry reserves) to clear the branches that littered all the roads. He was called into the hospital for a 12 yo with appendicitis. He pulled scrubs over his army uniform. And he wore his army boots in the OR. He said he had never felt more comfortable in the OR than in those boots...

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BlueNote replied

@Nozinan Very interesting. I made an assumption that you were at Queen’s. That, of course, brought to mind scenes from Animal House. laughing

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BlueNote replied

@RianC, @paddockjudge lives quite a lot closer to the Arctic Circle than me. Out here in LaLa land we’re not anywhere near as tough. grimacing

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Victor replied

@Nozinan good story. I especially like the ending with the army boots. I am still wearing two pairs of army boots I bought in 1982 while active duty in the Army. Those are sturdy boots. Aren't all items of clothing supposed to last for 40 years?

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Nozinan replied

@Victor Not so sure. I briefly (very briefly) dated someone in the military who was in my anatomy class and her boots did not look as sturdy.

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BlueNote replied

@Nozinan Good Boots are hard to find. Many years ago I had a pair of Greb Kodiaks. They were super comfortable and lasted for years and finally gave up the ghost about 10 years ago. I’ve never been able to find anything like them since.

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YakLord replied

Last night's cocktail was a proper Hemingway Daiquiri, with white rum instead of amber rum, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur instead of the liquid from a jar of maraschino cherries, and simple syrup instead of Demerara syrup..

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