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So what AREN'T you drinking now?

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By @Nozinan @Nozinan on 20th Jan 2017, show post

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RianC replied

I just cancelled my order of Glenlivet 18 after discovering Amazon had been 'cute' with their product info. Basically, turns out I was most likely getting the new version @40% not the one at 43%. No way I'm paying a premium price for a whisky presented like that. You almost got me Amazon ... almost!

And Glenlivet ... very disappointing!

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Nozinan replied

Laimrig 4

I called a patient to make an appointment for tomorrow but then it sounded like she was about to expire so I set up a video visit, so no alcohol.

Then, because I had already set the oven in preparation to baking a bread recipe I received from Lemony Snicket, I went to put the dough in the dutch oven, forgot the lid was 450 degrees and burned my fingers on the lid.

second degree burns. I sent a photo to an ER colleague who recommended antiinflammatories... so I put a cover on the Laimrig. Maybe tomorrow...

No... I'm on call tomorrow.


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TracerBullet replied

My Feis Ile bottle from Bruichladdich finally arrived. Since the UK was closed down due to the Covid-19, all the Islay distilleries (except Ardnahoe, I believe), held online Feis Ile activities. I was hopeful that all the distilleries would have had their Feis Ile bottlings available to purchase online, and they did, except they weren't shipping to the US so many would not take US orders. Bruichladdich did and shipped once restrictions were lifted. Ardbeg, as you all know, does not do a Feis bottling like the other distilleries, meaning a bottle available only at the distillery, they do the Committee Bottle which ships through the distributors. I was so disappointed to not have the chance to get a Bunnahabhain or Kilchoman bottle, but thankful to get the Bruichladdich and the Ardbeg. Oh, and I'm not drinking it... yet.

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