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So what AREN'T you drinking now?

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By @Nozinan @Nozinan on 20th Jan 2017, show post

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Victor replied

Black Maple Hill Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 47.5% ABV This is NAS straight bourbon, so by law you assume it is 4 years old. I bought a bottle of this about 8 years ago for maybe $ 45 and have never bothered to open it. Just for fun I decided to look it up today on wine-searcher.com. $ 782 average world asking price! Good lord! For an NAS bourbon? Now I may never open it and look to swap it one day. It is hard to believe a lot of the stuff that goes on with whiski these days.

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BlueNote replied

@Victor Would you take $750? In Monopoly money? Canadian Tire money? Crypto Cash? I could throw in a bottle of Lambertus, or McLellands Islay. laughing

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Victor replied

@BlueNote at the time I bought that bottle of Black Maple Hill Bourbon $ 45 seemed like a high price for it to me. I guess it doesn't now.

But these Black Maple Hill Bourbon prices are collector's prices, not drinker's prices. The Black Maple Hill 16 yo bourbon now averages $ 5,784 online asking price, for example.

I've always bought to drink, not for re-sale. Appreciation is for me merely a back-up against loss of value if one had to liquidate one's collection in a time of emergency. That, and good opportunities to swap for other hard to get and expensive bottles.

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BlueNote replied

@Victor I’m with you. Drink it, you’re dead a long time.

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Nozinan replied

Yesterday was the anniversary of @Nosebleed's death. Also my son and his son's birthday, so it was weighing heavily on us.

A couple of weeks ago at our first in person tasting, a bunch of us opened one of his bottles of whisky, A Glenlivet Nadurra 16 YO. I had only ever tasted it at his home, and it had been a memorable tasting indeed. I still have the sister bottle to the one he had opened back then. Over the years we did some hunting and each came away with another spare. When we found 2 of the legendary Calgary batch, I took one and he kindly deferred to @paddockjudge for the other one.

My son and I put his photo into a frame in the afternoon and added it to the other photos of those we are missing. In the evening I poured a small glass of Nadurra for him.

I intended to drink it later in the evening but it just didn't seem right.

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BlueNote replied

@Nozinan As I happen to have a bottle open, I will pour a dram of Nadurra 16 tonight in condolence for your loss.

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