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Things to do while isolated...

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RianC replied

Good idea for a thread @tfahey1298!

We've not much of a garden, more of a back yard, but ive been collecting old twigs, dead plants and the like and chopping up the cut down hazelnut branches from last year. This relieves boredom (chance would be a fine thing, although I'm not complaining - my heart goes out to all those individuals who are totally self-isolated) and provides a surprising amount of kindling for the fire.

I also made a periscope for my three year old. Amazingly it works and his painting skills were not too shabby either! We also baked some scones which are just out the oven and smell amazing!

How are other folk passing the time?

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RianC replied

Oops, just realised none of that is whisky related but we did have a wee tasting earlier in the week so there! laughing I've also been watching a bit called SteveMRE (or similar) on YouTube who eats old army rations!?! Sounds crazy but, a bit like Bob Ross, I go d it really relaxing and quite interesting. OK, yeah, we're only a week in ... blush

Mmmmmmm ...

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Nozinan replied

Does it have to relate to whisky? Well, this selection of freshly baked oatmeal, oatmeal chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies should go with any whisky. Maybe I will test it later...

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Jonathan replied

We're cooking as well. Tonight is green curry, and tomorrow is black vinegar chicken. A very dear friend gave us a bottle of black vinegar, and we are putting it to good use. I'm sipping Bulleit bourbon while sautéing. Except for loud noises (cops, copters, Nat Guard, Ambulances), there is little sign of life outside, and this is Baltimore. Occasionally, someone yells something from a chopper. And we have a neighbor with a great voice who sings for Lent. This could be worse.

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Jonathan replied

@RianC That actually sounds like a wonderful day under any circumstances

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RianC replied

@Jonathan - Yeah all the family time has been quite nice so far - I'm thankful for it really! A singing neighbour? Sounds entertaining! They'd probably get an old boot thrown at them round here and told to get back inside smile

It's the longer term financial implications that are slightly concerning but, hey, we just gotta roll with the punches for a bit and see how things lie once the dust settles. Keeping occupied seems vital.

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PeterG7 replied

I think I'm going slighly stir crazy. The highlight of my day is perusing the LCBO scotch pages.

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Hewie replied

Did anybody tune in to the live Virtual Whisky Festival? I was going to but being live at 2 am in the morning here in NZ wasn't very appealing. I'll be replaying it via YouTube later with a few drams of my own. Looks like a nice way to spend a few hours


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