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Things to do while isolated...

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By t @tfahey1298 on 26th Mar 2020, show post

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paddockjudge replied

@ajjarrett, This is only part of the offering at the open bar. I may have left out a few.

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ajjarrett replied


Well, it is all worth staying single for. At least that is what I say when people ask me why I spend so much money on whisk(e)y. : P

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paddockjudge replied

@ajjarrett, truer words have never been spoken. lol I was late to the party.

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ajjarrett replied


"Better late than pregnant." *

I mean, "Better late than never."

*(Joke stolen from the Golden Girls)

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RianC replied

@OdysseusUnbound - I'm with you on the green apple thing but find that the nail polish note can smell like pear drops, which is a boiled sweet here in the UK (a bit like a perfumed pear). I find that it's quite distinct from green apple. Funny how our sense of smell/taste can be so experientially different.

Good e.g. would be the Kininvie sample I had recently connosr.com/kininvie-kvsm001-whisky-review….

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PeterG7 replied

We recently bought a new home. On the to do list is building a games room. So until the contractors arrive (mid nov) the bar, scotch cabinet and all the whisky is getting familar with basement storage. I'm afraid they are not doing well.

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JayRain replied

A propos to the subject and cued by Peter G7 (albeit likely a different sort of game), board gaming is a hobby that I have picked up during C19

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PeterG7 replied

We, too, are playing board games. When we have the family over it is a nice way to spend an evening.

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