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Tomatin 12 Year Old

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Tomatin 12 Year Old

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  • Brand: Tomatin
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 40.0%
  • Age: 12 year old

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Tomatin 12 Year Old

This is my first ever Tomatin. It's a mix of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. It says "finished" in sherry casks, so who knows what that means? Finished for how long? 2 years? 10 Minutes? Somewhere in between? Well, let's see what this is all about.

  • Nose (undiluted): Lovely! Quite surprising given my complete lack of expectations. definitely an Oloroso-type sherry note, red licorice (cherry NIBS), almonds, a bit of vanilla, some hints of oak and barrel char, very reminiscent of Glendronach 12.
  • Palate (undiluted): medium bodied, more red fruit, baked apples, more nuttiness
  • Finish: short to medium length, vanilla, coconut, pears, a bit of barley sugar, more oak

As this was an easy drinking sample, I didn't see the point in adding water. It's only bottled at 43% abv, and any lower would just be unnecessary. It isn't über-complex, but it's not as bland and predictable as most entry-level offerings. I'm quite surprised and impressed by this malt. At $59 per bottle in Ontario, I'll definitely be purchasing a full bottle.

Nice review, I'm glad to see someone else enjoyed this as well, many of the Tomatin expressions don't get much love.

My brother and I split a bottle of this and Glen Garioch 12 and ended up quite pleased with both. I forgot to bring my half back so haven't got around to reviewing it.

This is an example of where you can enjoy a review, highly respect the reviewer, but really not have the same liking for the whisky.


I bought this online at my local liquor store for $35. I include the price for record. I unusual have many open bottles of whiskey in the bar. For quite some time I hadn’t opened or purchased anything new. I’m not sure why that was, rising prices of whiskey maybe. I haven’t noticed this in the store before but my salesman gave me a sample and I enjoyed it. Took 3 bottles home.

Tomatin is one of the most northern distilleries in the highlands. They have a simple website with descriptions of there whisky and news about upcoming changes. One bit of bad news on their website said their 15 year old and 30 Year Old expressions will be removed, better buy while they last. I sampled the 15 and it was very good. One bit of good news on their website a 14 year old Port Wood Finish and a batch release 1988 vintage are being introduced.

The 12 Year Old is finished in Spanish Oloroso Sherry Casks for the last six to nine months of its maturation. I like the sound of that. I use to be a sherry fiend. I now prefer lighter sherry flavors, more complex scotches. The 12 Year Old is now being sold at 43% alc./vol. increased from 40%. I like the sound of that. If you tried their early 40% version you might want to consider trying the new 43% version. Let me know if there is a difference.

Smell: Light oloroso sherry sent, zest, honey, Malted barley, maltomeal, grass. It has some perfume scents. I can smell orange zest, Slight florist’s shop smells (flowers, leaves). It has a hint of a peaty side too, sea shore. There is a scent of linen, hint of tea, leather or tobacco.

Palette: It has a peppery taste right away 43% ABV, a little dry and nice pepper spice. It’s lightly sweet and I like that. I taste figs, cheese, hazel nuts and a little salted butter.

Finish: The finish is medium long. It’s a well-balanced. Less sherry allows the other flavors come out and last.

Water: This opened the oloroso and peat a Little more on the nose and pallet. It cuts the Talisker pepper down and other savory flavors, didn’t like that. Now that I said it, neat its (Talisker / JW green) – ish. I’ll drink it neat, if you like more sherry add the water. I think they got it right at 43% ABV.

Conclusion: I’m very pleased and I enjoyed two drams easily. I never really heard of Tomatin before this summer but I’m glad I bought this one.

I will see how it’s affected by air after a few months and post an update.

Recommended: Above average scotch, great value.


This is the Sherry Finished version of the 12 year old Tomatin. Judging by the pale gold colour I would say it has not been altered with caramel, for those who care.

The aroma of this whisky brings to mind pencil shavings, and Big Turk candy bar. Also Chilean brandy, which is to say there is a sickly-sweet fruitiness. Water brings our grape and dried chilis.

This is a light-bodied whisky with a crisp, toasty arrival on the tongue. There is a slight sharpness to the flavour and texture. Then the sherry kicks in, bringing a somewhat tangy sweetness. It is fruity with citrus notes as well as raisin. The finish continues in the fruity theme and lingers pleasantly.

Overall this is an interesting whisky where the light, crisp flavour is somewhat beefed up by the sherry finish. Some might find it a little too thin and sharp. Fans of Lowland malt or Irish malt should enjoy it.

Tomatin, a giant in the 70's (with 12.000.000 liters/year the largest distillery in the world), now down to 2.500.000. One would expect that the quality of their whiskies would go up now that they've steered their ship towards the single malt market, but in my opinion their malts have not improved over the years. Good review


NOSE: nutty (primarily hazelnuts), green apples,barely, sherry.

TASTE: pretty much like the nose: toffee, hazelnuts, apples, pears.

FINISH: not too long .


I ordered this dram for several reasons. One, I wanted to try another new distillery. But mainly, I ordered this as a preamble to it's grandfather, a vintage I was going to be ordering following this one. I wanted to get a feel for this flavor profile before diving in on something so old and so expensive!

Nose: The nose on this was very seductive. Heavy, deep, with a complex blend of dried dark fruits, like raisins, plums and dates, and some light smoke. That light smoke there on the back really prompts you to go looking for it. It's a tease, this one, but I love it.

Palate: Very, very good. This palate matches perfectly with it's nose - you get what you expect for the most part, and then some. I really enjoy this! More of the dried dark fruits, some light smoke, and blended into it all are these great savory notes... wet leather, and what reminds me of a dark wood. Truly, very nice.

Finish: Great. Lingering, with a bit of burn. But Man did I enjoy it. The way it just so slowly, so slighly fades away was like being propositioned by a beautiful woman. "What do you think...want more?" Good golly Ms. Molly, of course I do!

A delight. Really good stuff, and at this point I was really looking forward to what came next!


Really, a very nice color, pure gold. Quick, long legs also say this is going to be a simple dram. Just a little honey, citrus and maybe a little red apple on the nose, the 12yo is keeping it simple. Across the palate it is pretty light, no oil, smooth and easy. The finish is a bit drying, medium in length with some heather, only slight pepper and ginger with a staleness at the end. For some reason the alcohol seems more prominent than I expected, numbing a little. Overall, an average and simple dram without much fanfare. I agree with the comment that this is a dram to drink while playing poker/cards with the boys.

Lan2424 this is a great review. Spot on and I agree wholely. You nailed it and I couldn't have said it better.


This is a typical aperitif whisky, matured on three types of casks: ex-bourbon refill hogshead, ex-sherry butt and then married for a minimum of three months on an oloroso sherry cask, which explaines the beautiful color.

On the nose I get pears, malt and stewed apples.

The palate offers mostly oranges and malt. The whole is soft and sweet.

The finish is soft, warm and sprinkled with nutmeg.

This is a very easy drinking, card playing malt. Very reasonably priced.

They just got that one available here. I was wondering how it was. Thanks for the review.


Delicately sherried with a touch of fruit. Very close to the 18 year variety and plenty of barley. Great pick up for the price.


Nose: Sweet, sherry notes, mixed with a little peat. Not much smoke, but lots of heather and honey. Peat averse people may not care for the aroma, but those of us who enjoy a little peaty-goodness will appreciate the subtle infusion.

Palate: As the whisky hits the tongue, the mouth ignites with some peppery-peat, with subtle sweetness. The balance isn't as I would expect or hope it would be, but it is a nice whisky. For one thing, there's enough peat to keep my father-in-law from drinking it, but not so much that it keeps ME away!

The finish is short, with little to remember after it has gone down, leaving just the taste of peat on the tongue.

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