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Tomatin 15 Year Old

Average score from 3 reviews and 6 ratings 83

Tomatin 15 Year Old

Product details

  • Brand: Tomatin
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 43.0%
  • Age: 15 year old

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Tomatin 15 Year Old

The second in my vertical Tomatin tasting is the 15 year old matured in "traditional scotch whisky oak casks". Does that mean first fill ex-bourbon? Refill casks? Who knows? The interwebz says it's American Oak. I believe this expression is discontinued, or will be soon.

  • Nose (undiluted): Definitely no sherry casks here. Or very little if there are any. Bright nose, oranges, lemons, honey, something vaguely floral, vanilla maybe, toasted oak
  • Palate (undiluted): a bit richer mouthfeel than the 12, a slight waxiness, sweet with vanilla, almonds, and oak
  • Finish: medium length, vanilla frosting, cream, almonds, oak

The 15 Year Old Tomatin isn't super complex either, but what it does it does well. This is very pleasant, but I'm not sure what separates it from other whiskies in this age class or price point. I don't think this is currently available in Ontario, or anywhere for that matter. I don't what price it would command if it were. As far as unsherried, unpeated, ex-bourbon malt whiskies, I think I prefer Aultmore 12 to this Tomatin 15. Now that's not to say this is bad whisky; it isn't. But it may be a perfect example of "older doesn't mean better".


I bought this online at Hi-Time Wine for $45. I include the price for record. I haven’t noticed this in the store before but my salesman gave me a sample of the 12y and 15y, I enjoyed them both.

One bit of bad news from their website is the 15 year old and 30 Year Old expressions are discontinued, better buy while they last. One bit of good news from their website, the 14 year old Port Wood Finish and a batch release 1988 vintage are being introduced.

The 15 Year Old is Matured in refill American Oak casks. The 15 Year Old is 43% alc./vol. It is un-peated and un-sherried. I expected this to be a neutral scotch and it is. I prefer lighter sherry flavors, and more complex scotches. The fact that this is a neutral scotch makes it difficult to disguise bad smells or flavors. I highly commend Tomatin for doing a great job of that creating a fantastic neutral scotch.

Smell: Honey, Malted barley, bran, straw, kiwi, apples, and candied fruit. There is a scent of fresh laundry.

Palette: It’s tastes of pine nuts and I like that. I taste biscuits, vanilla, almonds, banana. It has a peppery taste right away 43% ABV, a little dry and nice pepper spice.

Finish: The finish is long. It’s a well-balanced. Color: Pale for a 15y, means no caramel added (great) and second use barrels.

Water: Drink it neat. Light Neutral Scotches don’t need water. 43% ABV.

Conclusion: Just one sip and you know you are drinking scotch. I’m very pleased and I enjoyed it easily. What makes this a great scotch is it has absolutely no off or bad notes. I can’t stand vegetable smells or taste, this scotch has none of that. I can’t stand sulphury smell or metallic taste, this scotch has none of that. Tomatin could do AMAZING things with a 15y like this if it spent 1 year in other barrels.

I never really heard of Tomatin before this summer but I’m glad I bought three of these. I’ll probably try and get a few more.

I will see how it’s affected by air after a few months and post an update.

Recommended: High Above Average scotch, great value.

Excellent review. I quite agree with you, as this is my favourite. Just as you mentioned, the 15 is discontinued and we have already the 14 y/o Port Cask finished replacement on the shelves next to the dwindling supply of 15 which I tend to be picking up when I see them. I think as you explore the Tomatin range you may find 1 or 2 more that you will enjoy. I personally enjoy the 18 very much (it is quite different) but the 15 is still dearest! thanks again.

@DayZ2112. Thx for the nice comments and for reminding me that it's discontinued. I'll pick up a few more bottles.


I tried the NEW Tomatin 15. This latest addition to the Tomatin range (it was released in August 2009) has matured on American bourbon casks and has a medium body.

It takes a while before you see the tears in the glass, which is nice.

The nose is sweet and pretty, filled with the classic traits of the bourbon cask: vanilla, oak, toffee, grain cereals and a little bit of spices. There is even a hint of orange zeste in the background.

The malt was surprisingly buttery on the palate, yet soft and fruity, upholstered with mild honey and apricots. But the vanilla and oak are very clear, almost dominant. Upon the second sip, I even detected some hazelnuts.

The finish is soft and sweet with the barley playing the first violin.

It's not an overly complex dram, but I enjoyed it very much with a chocolate & orange dessert.

Interesting review...Saw a bottle of this at my local grocery store ($38), and was on the fence...I went with the Glenfiddich 15 yr Solera instead since I knew what I was getting...Maybe the next time I'm there I'll pick on up.

Well - went ahead, and bought a bottle.

I must say - it's pretty good...Sort of a "poor man's" Balvenie 15 yr Single Barrel...In fact - I believe the Tomatin 15 yr is probably equal to some of the Balvenie 15 yr Single Barrel that I've had in the past (qualities of the Balvenie have ranged from good to spectacular).

Spot on review although I'd probably give it several more points since I'm very fond of these bourbon aged single malts.

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