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What did you NOT buy and why?

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By g @gfc on 21st Jan 2018, show post

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RianC replied

@Wierdo - looks like like minds will indeed attract like! My Mrs thinks The Road is suicide inducing. Like you, I see it as a tale of hope and the human spirit shining in the darkest of hours. Maybe to 'get' McCarthy you have to also 'get' single malt whisky?!? Probably doesn't hurt ... stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

As said above, I only just read Blood Meridian but instantly had to re-read it - never done that with any novel before in my life!

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Wierdo replied

@RianC @OdysseusUnbound

We have our photos up in the lobby of the hospital I work in with a bit of a blurb about us favourite food etc and we were asked for a favourite quote.

Everyone put stuff like Carpe Diem etc. To take the p*** I went with a Cormac McCarthy quote thinking I'd get told to choose something else. But they actually printed mine.

So you have all the other managers photos with 'Carpe Diem' and 'Life is about learning to dance in the rain' etc.

Then you have my photo and underneath 'the order you see in creation is that which you put there yourself. Like string in a maze, so you shall not lose your way'.

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RianC replied

This little tempter from Blair Athol.


I'm sticking to my guns and resisting the urge but if I had some spare cash id jump on this. Not meaning to tease anyone across the pond either but perhaps it's available your end?

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Nozinan replied

A new Amrut has appeared in Alberta. Still available for only $140 plus 5% GST. I did not order it. Although the premise is interesting (1% peated barley, finished in sherry casks), it it is bottled at 46%, and I can't justify the purchase.

I'm sure I would like it. But I also have so much Amrut to open that I will enjoy...

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