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What did you NOT buy and why?

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By g @gfc on 21st Jan 2018, show post

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Nozinan replied

During my annual whisky pilgrimage (whoops - visit to the in-laws) in Calgary I let a couple get away:

  • Highwood 90/20 - a dusty at a relatively new (1 year) store.

  • Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban. Like an idiot, I picked it up so that the Springbank I was buying for someone could be 10% off (3 bottles or more, and the second would have been the Highwood)

For these 2, I just realized that I was paying $80 in order to spend $60 to save 10% ($14). I apologize to my friend who has to pay the full price for the Springbank.

At that moment I also gave up a bottle I had already purchased (Canadian Rockies 21) - While the price was great, I realized things were going out of control. I have a bottle a home (Thanks @nosebleed) and if I do need another the non-sale price is only $20 more in Alberta).

Amrut Naarangi for ~$140. Yes I want another to back up my unopened bottle, and I may regret this one in the future, but I suspect there will be other special Amruts in my future.

I've given up all hope of meeting my resolution for this year... but unlike recent governments I haven't turned the realization I wasn't going to make it into a reason to start buying without control.

I did pick up a few key additions to my cabinet on the trip, but not as many as I thought. I bought quite a few bottles but mostly for others.

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I did not buy EH Taylor Single Barrel bourbon, nor did I buy the EH Taylor Straight Rye. As per usual, I went oh-fer in a LCBO allocation lottery. Not a huge deal, as I have almost no room left at home, and I didn’t really have my heart set on either bottle. Perhaps I’ll fare better in the BTAC lottery later this month, but I’d be shocked if I did. I’d love to snag a WIlliam Larue Weller, a George T Stagg, and/or a Thomas Handy

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Astroke replied

@Nozinan Yup 0-2, although I had a couple Rye's bunkered from good old Alberta.

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RianC replied

A 1970s or early 80s bottling of JW Black Label for £60! It was a great price but I really couldn't justify paying it right now. Anyway, I'd been mulling it over but just looked and MoM had sold out.

Shame as I do want to get an older bottling of JWB and that was a great deal.

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paddockjudge replied

@RianC, that's one that got away...perhaps next time.

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BlueNote replied

@RianC Too bad. It was different stuff back then, much better than the current version.

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Hewie replied

I was reading an email this morning about the 2019 Campbeltown Malts Festival. Man they've got some great tasting opportunities. This would be amazing. If only....... Anyone been or even going this year? Definitely on my bucket list. insidethecask.cadenhead.scot/t/ViewEmail/…

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dougwatts replied

@Hewie I did indeed attend Campbelltown malts festival last year. My first time there and definitely won’t be the last but can’t make it this year (the Whiskybase Gathering in Rotterdam in November takes precedent this year). For my money Campbeltown is a better experience than the more celebrated Feis Islay. It certainly helped that the weather was unseasonably hot and sunny but the vibe was really relaxed and friendly and the quality of tastings, tours, masterclasses etc was the best I’ve seen at any festival. Highly recommended.

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RianC replied

@Hewie - That looks . . . wow! Any/all of the cask tastings please relaxed I won't be able to make it any time soon but it does look amazing!

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Hewie replied

@dougwatts sounds like a fantastic experience. Looking at some of the masterclasses and warehouse events I think that getting there would only be half the cost. Doing a few of those will soon start to add up. Good to see the spirit of Campbeltown on show

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