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What was the last bottle you finished?

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By @jeanluc @jeanluc on 14th Dec 2009, show post

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Last night, I finished off my Octomore.

I call it my Octomore because it was my own dumped-together bottle of a couple different Octomore remnants, none of which seemed special enough to preserve in their own bottles until the end. I'm not totally sure now, but I think they were the 6.1 and the 7.2.

It was good stuff, but I won't miss it. I'm on to some new Caol Ila IBs now.

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BlueNote replied

@MadSingleMalt Yeah, it was a dandy. Parting gift from an employer/client. Way more money than I would ever spend. I managed to make it last 13 months. Of course I had to give samples (small) to all my malthead buddies.

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cricklewood replied

I'm trying to clear up some heels in the past 2 weeks before opening anything new.

-Bruichladdich Classic Laddie - A batch from 2016, open a long time it was a bit past it's prime at the end, this one had a lot of wine cask in the vatting and I felt was quite different than other batches I've tried.

-Octomore 7.4 - I really enjoyed this one, probably one that would have been good to ease someone into Octomore, lots of BBQ pork, sweet oak, thai curry paste.

-Gooderham & Worts 11 souls, I made no secret about how much I loved this one, great profile and bit of blending work, I wish it was a bit less expensive.

Wiser's Legacy - I milked this one until the end it was good till the last drop, rich beautiful profile, the rye is well integrated. Sad to see it go.

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ajjarrett replied

I finished bottle of the Bunnahabhain 12yo, the older version, well, before the bottlings with the red label. I will say, I waited a bit too long for the last drams. I ought to have poured into a smaller container. It had lost most of the aromas and flavors I came to enjoy, and was almost bitter. I ended up pouring just the little what was left. Lesson learned.

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RianC replied

Ben Nevis 10 this afternoon. It's been a great malt this one and for the £30 I paid was an absolute bargain. It now goes for £50 (if you can find it!?) and I'm kicking myself I didn't open it sooner than I did as I would have stacked up on this at that price had I known ...

The last few pours were as good as the first few, if not better - that big malty, gingery kick still there but more integrated.

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RikS replied

Caol Ila, Distiller's Edition. Bye Bye dear friend. It's taken a while for this one to empty, but that's had to do more with my curiosity to drink variety than a reflection on the dram itself - the sweetness of the sherry goes exceedingly well with the Caol Ila's campfire sootiness. In fact, I prefer this one to the standard 12. We shall see if it'll be replaced sometime in the future...

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