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What was the last bottle you finished?

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By @jeanluc @jeanluc on 14th Dec 2009, show post

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paddockjudge replied

Another one bites the dust!

Little Book Chapter 02, one hell of a great blend. I tip my hat to Freddie Noe for swimming against the current and creating a great whisky, one worth bunkering a whole box full.

Those big glasses require a tighter drain plug wink

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BlueNote replied

@paddockjudge Good to the very last drop? BTW, I like your shelving unit, well, actually I like the contents of your shelving unit.

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Nock replied

It is that time of the month . . . recycling. So, I decided to ditch a few bottles from my cabinet. That does give me room to open a few more bottles in the coming months. Let me be clear: these bottles are not killed off so much as “rebottled” into an infinite number of smaller bottles between 200mL and 15mL. But it is sad to see some of these “mostly go.” I will only pull them out again for a tasting and not for casual drinking.

The Stagg Jr. is batch #11 and not one of my favorite batches. I found it thinner compared with older releases. I am one of the few who loved the early releases. This batch was turning bitter of late. I find this happens with bourbons getting too much air.

The Lagavulin 12yo CS 2017 has many fans. I am not at the top of the list. Good, but not one I would replace. For more of my thoughts see my dissertation under the Batch Variation Thread. Today Lagavulin 12yo is now running $170.99 at the Virginia ABC store (up from $129.99). Ya, I don’t think I am going to be buying another for quite some time. Thankfully, I have bottles of the 2015, 2011, and 2003 in the bunker for when they are needed.

The Springbank 10yo. This bottle was batch 01/08/17 17/328 and I opened it on July 21st 2018. Mostly uneventful. That first year I scored it three times all around 84 points. But then after almost a year of being open (and below the half-way mark) it took a huge turn. I started to score it a regular 90 or 91 points. In the last two months it was excellent. I wish I had another bottle.

Ardbeg Uigeadail batch 27/02/2019 – this is a really good batch. I have scored it in the low 90’s a few times now. It is not sherry dominant, but it is very good. Another good is batch 11/04/2019 if you see either around. Neither are in the upper echelon of Uigeadail batches . . . but then I haven’t encountered one of those since 2013 . . . and I have been diligently looking. Still, a great peated whisky that gives you the peaty blast with wonderful sherried red fruit integration.

The Balvenie 14yo Peat Week 2003. Really good, but not amazing. Several times I composed some blind tasting with this and a few other batches of Ardbeg 10yo thrown in. Truthfully, at least twice I thought this was one of the Ardbeg TEN batches. This is the only other peated whisky I have ever confused with an Ardbeg. One time I wrote down, “This is a fantastic batch of Ardbeg TEN and I must find and buy several more bottles.” However, that was when I thought it only cost $49.99. When I realized it was $99.99 I elected to not purchase more. So it is a great whisky, but a good bottle of Ardbeg TEN is just as good.

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