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By @nooch @nooch on 18th Apr 2018, show post

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Nozinan replied

Whisky as far as the eye can see.

What a selection! This is just one row.

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RikS replied

@Nozinan impressive! I think I could even spot am almost exhaustive selection of amruts!

5 months ago 0

Nozinan replied

@RikS Almost exhaustive. No Naarangi. Apparently someone took 8 off the shelves a few weeks ago.

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RianC replied

@Nozinan - Am I the only one that dribbled a bit looking at that picture?

It's what my whisky room would (will!) look like when I win the lottery smile

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cricklewood replied

@Nozinan world of whisky is a real treasure trove, so many interesting bottles in such a small space. The staff is super friendly as well. Calgary is a lucky town to have such a plethora of quality retailers.

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BlueNote replied

@Nozinan That’s the kind of place I would like to win one of those 2 minute shopping sprees like they sometimes do in grocery stores. All you can throw in the cart in 2 minutes, even 1 minute would do. runner

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