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Uncle Duke's Single Grain

Scotch Dressed As Bourbon Uncle Duke's Single Grain

Well it's been around 4 years since I last stuck a review on Connosr, so it was about time I got back to it!And it's an interesting way to get back into reviews, as this whisky is something different to…

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Haig Fine Old Blended Whisky

Don't Be Vague, Enjoy Haig Haig Fine Old Blended Whisky

This bottle came into my possession mainly thanks to the sharp eyes of my dad, who spotted it on the back of a fellow milkmans van. Now the story is that the other milko was going to drop this bottle off…

@AlanjpBy @Alanjp11 years ago 0 286

Scapa 16 Year Old

Taste Of The Sea Scapa 16 Year Old

As a regular visitor to Whisky Live festivals, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that this whisky was sampled at this years show, and it prompted me to buy a bottle to enjoy in my own time! Scapa is The…

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Ardbeg Blasda

Islay, But Softer Ardbeg Blasda

Ah Ardbeg, generally the beast of Islay, and the Blasda is promoted as essentially the softer side of the distillery and region. After getting through a bottle of this, I find it hard to disagree! Of…

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Glenmorangie Lasanta

Sherry for the Evening Glenmorangie Lasanta

Sherried whiskies can be an acquired taste I suppose, and at times I think it can be limited to the less wider-known malts. However Glenmorangie have the Lasanta, which is easily obtainable at a pretty…

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anCnoc 16 Year Old

How Do I Pronounce This Again? anCnoc 16 Year Old

An Cnoc has to be pronounced with a couple of silent letters, I remember being told that at Pure Festival last year and it does highlight this on the bottle too, however now I’ve typed that I realise…

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