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Reviews by @JeffC

Old Grand Dad 100 Proof Bonded

Old Stand By Old Grand Dad 100 Proof Bonded

This is a 100 proof bottled in bond whisky of unknown age. It sells for around $20 and is an excellent value. I sampled this over a few nights as a first pour. Like most bourbons, it is a beautiful…

@JeffCBy @JeffC9 years ago 0 080

Sazerac Rye

A Rye to Try Sazerac Rye

This is one of a few ryes which I have been sampling lately. While there is nothing flawed with this, in my mind it lacks some complexity and depth that might make it better. I prefer other ryes (see my…

@JeffCBy @JeffC10 years ago 0 079

Knappogue Castle 1995

The Unbearable Lightness of Whiskey Knappogue Castle 1995

This is one of lightest whiskeys I have tried. The color is light, the nose is light, but quite pleasant, and the mouth feel is relatively light. I understand that Irish whiskies are generally lighter…

@JeffCBy @JeffC10 years ago 0 073

Bowmore Legend

An Everyday Islay Bowmore Legend

This is the no age statement introductory Bowmore which goes for aroud $US 25. I have drank this over the past few months with three other budget Islay malts. In my mind, it is not the best but not the…

@JeffCBy @JeffC10 years ago 0 062

Forty Creek Barrel Select

A Fine Canadian Whisky Forty Creek Barrel Select

After reading some reviews of this, I finally scored a bottle. A well known whisky writer has complained that this expression of Forty Creek's whisky is sulphur tainted and unfortunately I have to agree…

@JeffCBy @JeffC10 years ago 0 373

Haig Dimple 15 Year Old

Good Blend but Lacking Something Haig Dimple 15 Year Old

I have had this bottle for awhile and it has been my go to blend for the past few weeks. I believe it is a very good blend but somehow rather than having a synergy which makes it greater than the sum of…

@JeffCBy @JeffC10 years ago 0 072

Black Bottle

Good Islay Blend Black Bottle

After reading about this, I thought I would give it a try. This is labeled as a blended Scotch whisky consisting of Islay malts. The nose is not particularly strong, with a slight note of something sweet…

@JeffCBy @JeffC10 years ago 0 065