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Reviews by @Misty

Balblair TWE 2000/2014 Cask 1343

Heavy Fruity Bliss Balblair TWE 2000/2014 Cask 1343

I brought a couple of these when the first came out to celebrate the TWE 15th anniversary and I'm glad I did. Such a dark espresso color.Nose: It's just beautiful. Explodes with fruits, roses, some…

@MistyBy @Misty6 years ago 0 097

Ardbeg Auriverdes

It's Different! Ardbeg Auriverdes

Ardbeg - what can I say. Personally I'm tiring of the hype a little bit. Committee this and super special committee that and silly prices. But anyway....This was sampled along with a number of much older…

@MistyBy @Misty8 years ago 0 288

Amrut Portonova

Figs and Chocolate Amrut Portonova

Now let’s have a look at Amrut Portonova (Batch 03, ABV 62%), our final Amrut tasting. I think it’s a non-chill filtration with no added colour.So Port finished and what do we have on the nose: figs and…

@MistyBy @Misty8 years ago 0 287

Amrut Cask Strength

Hot and Spirity Amrut Cask Strength

So the cask strength single malt from Amrut (Batch 54), what’s it like then. I think it’s a non-chill filtration with no added colour.It’s a spirity esters with orange honeycomb and something to do with…

@MistyBy @Misty8 years ago 0 078

Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured

Young Sherry Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured

Amrut Intermediate Sherry (Batch 1 and 3 combined into a single review). A lot of people rave about this and few people do not rate it. So let’s see. I think it’s a non-chill filtration with no added…

@MistyBy @Misty8 years ago 0 283