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Reviews by @Onibubba

Black Bull Deluxe 30 Year Old

Favorite Sherried Whisky Black Bull Deluxe 30 Year Old

So I have been enjoying a bottle of this for a couple of weeks now. My first taste was from samples at a bar, and I liked it so much I had to track a bottle down for myself. This has been a difficult…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba6 years ago 0 096

Willett Straight Rye 2 Year Old

Cannot wait for the 4 YO! Willett Straight Rye 2 Year Old

I am not overly fond of Ryes. I think in general I prefer sweetness to a dry or higher spice profile. That being said, I tried this at a bar as it was a new arrival for them, and it was an inexpensive…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba6 years ago 0 185

Corsair Centennial

Malt Whiskey Flavored with Hops Corsair Centennial

Several months ago, I visited my old college stomping grounds of Bowling Green Kentucky. I came back to take a tour of something that did not exist there (legally anyway)when I attended school - a dis…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba6 years ago 0 188

Highland Park 18 Year Old

A Grower Highland Park 18 Year Old

In my short time as a whisky freak, no malt has grown on me as much as Highland Park 18YO. I first had this at a bar, and was not impressed. I suppose compared to some of the peatier malts I had, it just…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba7 years ago 0 692

Longmorn 16 Year Old

Can't win for trying... Longmorn 16 Year Old

What a bottle...Glass, paper, metal, leather, wood. What about the components inside the bottle? Non-chill filtered, 16 years in oak - sherry? bourbon? Who knows. The label does not say. It is a Speys…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba7 years ago 0 577

Balvenie Tun 1401 Batch 9

Batch 9 Balvenie Tun 1401 Batch 9

This review is for the 9th Batch of the Tun 1401 Series. It is the 3rd in the series to be released in the US following Batches 3 and 6. I was fortunate enough to secure some of the 3rd Batch, and it was…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba7 years ago 0 193