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Reviews by @Onibubba

Balvenie 15 Year Old

Quite Hit and Miss. Balvenie 15 Year Old

This has been a favorite whisky for some time. When it is on, it is all honey, and I love it. Now and again, I get a bitter finish that I dislike. Recently, I have come under the impression that the…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba7 years ago 0 386

Clynelish A.D. Rattray 17YO

Delicious, and sadly gone. Clynelish A.D. Rattray 17YO

This is from a 375 AD Rattray Cask Collection bottling of 17 YO Clynelish. Distilled June 14 of 1995 and bottled in July 11 of 2012. Casked in bourbon hogshead, so no sherry influence here. Bottled at…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba7 years ago 0 491

George T Stagg bottled 2012

Where's the heat? George T Stagg bottled 2012

What could be a more appropriate soundtrack to this pour than the high lonesome sounds of Hank Williams III, a true devil born.Aroma - How am I able to pick anything up other than alcohol? Has Satan…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba7 years ago 0 192

Compass Box Oak Cross

A Look at 2 Bottlings Compass Box Oak Cross

Recently, John Hansell of Whisky Advocate, gave a very favorable rating to the latest bottlings of Oak Cross. I quite enjoyed the bottle that I had open, so I thought I would give a new bottling a try…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba7 years ago 0 388

Glendronach 18 Year Old Allardice Sherry Cask

Deceiving... Glendronach 18 Year Old Allardice Sherry Cask

Right up front, when I say deceiving, I mean that this whisky does not deliver what I feel is promised by its position as a distillery's 18 YO expression. How can a whisky whose ABV is 3% higher than its…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba7 years ago 0 682

Glendronach 12 Year Old Original

Intro Glendro Glendronach 12 Year Old Original

To be honest, I was searching for the 15YO, but my choices were the 12 and 18. Well why not start at the beginning? This was right around 54 dollars in Nashville TN. The 18 was selling for 115.Matured…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba7 years ago 0 188

Four Roses Small Batch Limited 2012

2nd bottle on deck... Four Roses Small Batch Limited 2012

A quarter way into my second bottle of this most outstanding bourbon. I was lucky enough to catch wind of the quality of 2012's offering just before the insanity hit, and was able to sample, then procure…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba7 years ago 0 093