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Reviews by @Pandemonium

Loch Ewe 30.09 - 30.10.2008

The Illicit Spirit Loch Ewe 30.09 - 30.10.2008

Loch Ewe thrives on both claims of being the smallest commercial distillery in Scotland and the only one that still lives by the old illicit still tradition. Until a few years ago it was certainly the…

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Carsebridge 32 Year Old 1962 James McArtur

Batida de Coco Carsebridge 32 Year Old 1962 James McArtur

In 1994 independent bottler James McArthur needed a special bottle for the celebration of 500 years of whisky. They found it with an old grain distillery that had been decommissioned ten years before and…

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Longmorn 15 Year Old

Sherried Liquorice Root Longmorn 15 Year Old

Longmorn, the next victim in the Mortlachification that holds the industry in its grasp. And it needn’t surprise anyone, the spin doctor behind this rebranding is no one less than Georgie Bell, yes…

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Wolfburn Single Malt

Highland Debutante Wolfburn Single Malt

Wolfburn was the first of a whole new generation Scottish craft distillers to fire up her stills. Thus it is only natural that she arrives first at the debutante ball. After a pricy inaugural release for…

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Dunglass 5yo

A peated prototype Dunglass 5yo

A tribute to Littlemill’s innovative nature, in the 60’s the distillery owner experimented with lomond stills, water-jacket coolers and… peated expressions. Yes Littlemill did peat before it was cool!…

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Lagavulin 8yo 200th Anniversary

Spartan Lagavulin Lagavulin 8yo 200th Anniversary

With Lagavulin’s 200th birthday drawing near and with many of the fans concerns were growing: would Diageo would make us pay dearly for the jubilee edition, are they cocky enough to force a NAS down our…

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Glenugie 1966/1994 G&M

Peterhead Let-Down Glenugie 1966/1994 G&M

In Peterhead once stood a small distillery providing a unique floral malt for the blend industry. No official bottles made it to market and only a handful of independent bottlers (mostly the usual sus…

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Scapa 1983 Vintage G&M

Ramshackled Longboat Scapa 1983 Vintage G&M

In the last few months Scapa finally emerged from the shadows as a single malt distillery: new bottlings (even a peated !?! release), a visitors centre and unfortunately they too are ditching that ‘cu…

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