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Reviews by @Pete1969

Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01

Heavily peated? Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01

Light gold in colour, thick oil rich spirit that coats the glass.First aroma is cognac driven fruit ripe pear and lemon do come through but the peat and smoke are not prominent. As it sits and airs the…

@Pete1969By @Pete19697 years ago 0 292

Bruichladdich Laddie 8

New Laddie Bruichladdich Laddie 8

Pale yellow straw like colour, thick and oily coats the glass with thin legs some droplets taking an age to fall.The initial nose is quite a belt of acidic notes which settle after 10 minutes giving way…

@Pete1969By @Pete19697 years ago 0 384

Talisker Skye

First but not last Talisker Skye

First Talisker and gone for the NAS Skye to open, I wanted to try something with a little more peat/smoke hence the baby step over to Islands before Islay.On fresh opening there is a lovely sweet aroma…

@Pete1969By @Pete19698 years ago 0 382

Blanton's Original

Give it time Blanton's Original

When I first tried Blanton's Original I was not taken with it, as the months have gone by and I have returned to try again and again it has developed into an awesome bourbon. Many people say the Woodf…

@Pete1969By @Pete19698 years ago 0 089

Glenlivet 16 Year Old Nadurra

Batch 0614C Glenlivet 16 Year Old Nadurra

Pale gold colour coats the glass as you swirl and savour the aroma.Nose: apples, ripe Galia melon, vanilla and citrusPalate: sweet melon followed by crisp green apple and zesty lemon, warming cinnamon…

@Pete1969By @Pete19698 years ago 0 993

Four Roses - Small Batch

Nice spice Four Roses - Small Batch

Deep gold colour with long legs in glass.Nose: vanilla, brown sugar/caramel, cherry, sultana and warm spicePalate: sweet entry, warming spice peppery with cloves as held on tongue builds to the edge of…

@Pete1969By @Pete19698 years ago 0 483

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Rare indeed Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Colour dark copper/mahoganyBottle open 1 month 95% full, was a bit closed freshly opened.Nose: left to settle in in glass for ten minutes and the rich caramel, toffee aroma is flowing out of the glass…

@Pete1969By @Pete19698 years ago 0 292

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

Surprise package Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

Colour: lovely deep copperNose: If only No.7 smelled like this, no glue note I always find in the cheaper expression just a lovely corn sweetness married with old leather and oak on the back. No reason…

@Pete1969By @Pete19698 years ago 0 381

Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack

Why bother? Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack

I'm not a great lover of No.7 neat but it serves it's purpose with mixers on holiday in the sun, this expression has most of the flavour removed by the second filtration. The basics are still present…

@Pete1969By @Pete19698 years ago 0 465