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Bruichladdich 34 Year Old Legacy 6

Review Revisited Bruichladdich 34 Year Old Legacy 6

After getting a comment on the last review I did on this bottling of Bruichladdich, I figured I might have to go back and maybe do it a bit more justice. Coming back upon my notes to review what I wrote…

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Bowmore 12 Year Old

A Work in Progress Bowmore 12 Year Old

So on the request of michaelschout, I did a small vertical tasting of two Bowmore expressions brought to question. The first of the two I tried was the 12 year due to the fact that I found the Tempest…

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Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Smokehouse Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Such a lovely whisky, and one to reckoned by. If I remember correctly this was the 4th bottle in my cabinet (real life), and was such an exploration into the world of peat smoke. On a sidenote, this…

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Bruichladdich 34 Year Old Legacy 6

Not All There Bruichladdich 34 Year Old Legacy 6

N:It starts off pleasantly on toffee and soft vanilla. Peaches follow up but are slightly unripe and followed by a spiceiness pushing to be noticed. A buttery fruit medley with mild oak notes showing up…

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Glengoyne 21 Year Old

The Highland Stigma Glengoyne 21 Year Old

A little introduction is in order for my title. Back when I had a far more inexperienced palate and was quite ignorant of the whisk(e)y world, I did not think for some reason I would ever enjoy Highland…

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Glen Garioch Founders Reserve

Fresh and Fruity Glen Garioch Founders Reserve

This is a fairly decent and cost efficient whisky. Glen Garioch does have a semi-limited line here in Canada and is not very well known (Fun Fact-Though it looks like it should be pronounced Glen Gar-ee…

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Highland Park 12 Year Old

Classic Twelve Year Highland Park 12 Year Old

In my opinion, a timeless malt that everybody should try at least once. N:First notes of obvious peat smoke which is slightly sweet. Light caramel and toffee, followed by a bit of toasty almond and…

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Bowmore 10 Year Old Tempest

Oceanside Bowmore 10 Year Old Tempest

The first of the Bowmore Tempest releases, a very decent and well priced Bowmore expression that I personally find quite pleasing. In my opinion it is a few steps up from their regular expression line…

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